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100% Aventura Hanging Bridges

Adult 12+ years old
Child 4-12 years old
Local All Ages

Learn About The Tropical Rainforest With A Local Guide

100% Aventura Park is an adventure park located in Monteverde.

In our opinion, this is not the best place to experience the hanging bridges in Monteverde. However, the advantage with Aventura is that this company will include a local naturalist guide at no additional cost when you do the hanging bridges tour with them.

These hanging bridges are laced through secondary forest so it will not be as prominent as the forest in other parks like Selvatura Park or Sky Adventures Monteverde, however, this kind of forest will give you a better chance for spotting birds and other wildlife, which your tour guide will help you point out.

Animals tend to be more prominent in lower level forests, what is knowned as secondary forest and they especially gravitate towards rainforest which is the kind of forest that is available at the 100% Aventura Hanging Bridges.

In conclusion, this will not be the best option if you are looking for the typical Monteverde Cloud Forest hanging bridges experience, but the way the tour is presented (with a bit more adventure and with a naturalist guide included to help you spot some wildlife) might compensate a bit for the lack of actual primary forest.

What Customers Think About The 100% Aventura Hanging Bridges

Caravan booked Tour of Hanging Bridges Hanging Bridges at 100% Aventura Park

As usual, Caravan had everything organized up front. Our busload easily entered the park and was assigned a tour guide. The trek was at times tiring (I'm a senior and made it fine), but we saw monkeys, iguanas, a tarantula, a waterfall, and all kinds of vegetation/trees. The hanging bridges were fun to walk with great views. My wife, two 20 something boys and I had a nice time.

– Reviewed by djt32 on TripAdvisor (January 2019)
This tour was fun. I really liked it Hanging Bridges at 100% Aventura Park

This tour was fun. I really liked our guide, who gave us loads of information on the various plants and species we were encountering. The bridges were cool. The 11am tour meant that many of the birds were no longer out. Our guide recommended the earlier tour as best. That said: this tour is run via 100 Adventura Park and is not located in either of the Cloud Forest reserves Santa Elena or Monteverde - my mistake for not researching enough. If I were to do over my trip, I would make my way to the Monteverde reserve and pay the entrance fee to hike around myself this reserve includes hanging bridges that are longer and higher up. It's possible to book tours at every single hostel/hotel in Monteverde, so unless you're only in town for a few hours, I suggest booking all tours once arrived.

– Reviewed by matthewbienz on Viator (July 2017)
We really enjoyed this tour Hanging Bridges at 100% Aventura Park

We really enjoyed this tour. We learned about so many different plants and bird species. We even got to see a humming bird nest. It was amazing to see how you can actually live out in the rain forest with all the medicinal plants/trees in existence. The only reason why I didn't give this tour a full five stars is because one of the bridges was down. I recommend this tour if you are a nature enthusiast.

– Reviewed by Ash on Viator (April 2017)