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Best Canopy Walkways in Monteverde


Monteverde, Costa Rica beckons with a blend of beautiful scenery, cool weather, fun adventure activities and more. Over the years, tourism infrastructure has grown and improved to make Monteverde a unique, world class destination but the heart and soul of this exciting destination, the main attraction, has always been tropical biodiversity. The majestic protected tropical forests of Monteverde and the incredible assortment of life found therein have put this site on the map and bucket list of world travelers. Although there is more than one way to experience the immense trees and lush green habitats of Monteverde, canopy walkway tours are one of the more exciting and innovative means of connecting with these beautiful, verdant forests.

Canopy walkways provide access to the upper levels of the forest by way of hanging (suspended) bridges. They range anywhere from a mere thirty feet above the ground to more than 200 feet above the forest floor. The perspective they afford into the least explored yet most diverse level of the tropical forest is simply unique.

More than one canopy walkway experience is available in the Monteverde area and since the three top walkways offer somewhat similar experiences for similar prices, it can be hard to decide which one is best. All offer good opportunities for birding and wildlife observation in mature tropical forest (Resplendent Quetzal can be seen at each site) but they still differ in certain ways. We hope that the following information can help readers decide which canopy walkway is best suited to their needs and abilities:

Skywalk by SKY Adventures

Pioneers in the business of hanging bridges and adventure tourism, the Sky Adventures Monteverde Park has been connecting people with the cloud forest canopy since 1997. The 2.5 kilometer (1.5 mile) trail is maintained but does have some ascents and descents and thus does require a certain degree of hiking ability. Based on the easy to moderate difficulty of the trail and other offerings within the park, Skywalk is a good choice for families. Folks who have some trouble getting around or walking might not be up for the walkway trail BUT they can take a very easy-going, scenic aerial tram tour instead.

  •  6 bridges on a trail of 2.5 km (1.5 miles), longest bridge is 236 meters (774 feet), one bridge is 70m (230ft) above the ground.
  • Tour with naturalist guide, wildlife viewing opportunities.
  • On site restaurant.
  • Can be combined with ziplining, aerial tram, and tree climbing.

Selvatura Treetop Walkways

Situated in beautiful cloud forest near the Santa Elena Reserve, this extensive park is a great choice for birding and wildlife and stands out by offering a variety of packages to fit every type of personal adventure. The 8 bridges are wider than the other two canopy walkway options in this article and very easy to manage. There are also a few benches on the well maintained, fairly easy trail, and the walkway can also be done with a guide or on your own. These and other factors make this a good choice for older folks and people who might not want to walk as much.

  • 8 bridges on a trail of 3 km (1.9 miles), longest bridge is 170 meters (560 feet).
  • Tour on own or possible with naturalist guide, wildlife viewing opportunities.
  •  On site restaurant.
  • Can be combined with a guided natural history tour, ziplining, hummingbird garden, butterfly garden and other animal exhibits.

Aventura Hanging Bridges

Found on one of the routes from Santa Elena that leads to the town of Tilaran, the Aventura Adventure Park is a better choice for folks who are more physically fit and enjoy hiking on classic forest trails. This doesn’t mean that the trails at Aventura are too rustic or difficult, just that they aren’t as wide or easy as other options in Monteverde. Since this canopy walkway trail can be combined with ATV rides and other activities, it’s a popular choice for families in search of more adventure.

  • 8 bridges on a trail of 3 km (1.9 miles), bridges are rather narrow.
  • Tour with naturalist guide, wildlife viewing opportunities.
  • No restaurant.
  • Hummingbird garden.
  • Can climb inside of a strangler fig tree to one of the bridges.

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