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Best Hanging Bridges of 2021 in Monteverde

a hanging bridge in Monteverde Costa Rica

Best Hanging Bridges of 2021 in Monteverde

Several parks offer hanging bridges experiences in Monteverde, Costa Rica. If you search on the web for “best hanging bridges in Monteverde,” you will come across several ads from those parks saying that their hanging bridges are the best, but if they all say they are the best, then who is?

Since this is one of the most frequently asked questions I get, I dove deep into the topic and developed my study to help bring light to this question. I analyzed over 5,000 online customer reviews, came up with a list of the top four best hanging bridges in Monteverde, and compiled my observations on this article.

But first, let me clarify that in Monteverde, hanging bridges can also be called “canopy walkways,” “canopy tour,” “suspension bridges,” and “treetop walkways.” For this article, I will use the term “hanging bridges” to avoid confusion. 

With this clarification out of the way, let’s begin:  

The following are the best hanging bridges in Monteverde, Costa Rica: 

  • Sky Walk Monteverde
  • Selvatura Treetop Walkways
  • Aventura Hanging Bridges
  • Monteverde Reserve Bridge

Keep scrolling for more information as I break down the pros and cons of each park with hanging bridges in Monteverde to determine which one is best for you: 

1. Hanging Bridges at Sky Walk in Monteverde

The first option is the Sky Walk Monteverde by Sky Adventures Monteverde. Sky Walk features the longest and most impressive hanging bridge in Costa Rica and the best balance between scenery and the opportunity to spot wildlife.

Sky Adventures is at 1,400 meters above sea level. This altitude is high enough to get amazing views over the canopy of the cloud forest, yet low enough to be a home of some wildlife such as the Resplendent Quetzal.

Animals prefer lower altitudes where the forest is warmer. So as a general rule, the lower the altitude, the more prominent animals will be. Sky Adventures is at an elevation where you can see some wildlife and still get amazing views. There are other parks with hanging bridges (coming up next) where the altitude is higher, so the views are better, and other parks where the altitude is lower, so the wildlife is more prominent. Sky Adventures is located at that sweet spot where you get a little bit of both.

Duration and distance: Sky Walk is a light hike that takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to complete the 2.5 km (1.5 miles) trail course that combines six hanging bridges with nature trails. You can make a smaller loop with only four bridges and cut the duration to approximately one hour, recommended for families with smaller kids. 

Customer review: 

The Sky Walk hanging bridges are a great feature of the park. The trail between the six bridges is made for a beautiful and relatively easy hike through the forest, which is filled with beautiful plants and birds. The suspension bridges themselves are modern and stable. Such a fun and exhilarating experience as you take in spectacular views on bridges extending 50 to 150 ft. above the forest” Kathleen, Google Review

Sky Walk Summary: 

  • Six bridges on the trail of 2.5 km (1.5 miles).
  • The longest bridge in Costa Rica (236 meters -774 feet).
  • One bridge is 70m (230ft) above the ground.
  • You can upgrade it to a guided tour for an additional fee.
  • You can combine it with ziplining, aerial tram, and tree climbing.
  • On-site restaurant.

2. Hanging Bridges at Selvatura Treetop Walkways in Monteverde

The next best option for Hanging Bridges is the Selvatura Treetop Walkways at Selvatura Park. Selvatura is situated next to the Santa Elena reserve, the highest elevation point in the cloud forest, which is good for views but not ideal for spot wildlife.

Selvatura features eight hanging bridges and the best scenery, as this park is the only site with hanging bridges built in the middle of 100% virgin cloud forest. The other two parks mentioned in this article are not built 100% virgin cloud forest. Sky Adventures is almost 100% virgin cloud forest, except a small part of the park in a reforested area. Aventura (coming up next) is in a tropical forest with different vegetation than the cloud forest. 

Duration and distance: Selvatura Treetop Walkways should take you about 1 to 2 hours to complete the 3 km (1.9 miles) course that combines eight hanging bridges with nature trails. There are benches along the route, so you can take pauses to get some rest in between. 

Customer review: 

We did just the sky walk trough the cloud forest over 8 bridges in the tree crowns. It was beautiful, nice views and completely different experience then when you walk at the ground of the cloud forest. We were very lucky to be there just by ourselves which was even better experience” Lenkya, Google Review

Selvatura Hanging Bridges Summary: 

  • Eight bridges on the trail of 3 km (1.9 miles)
  • The longest bridge is 170 meters (560 feet).
  • You can upgrade it to a guided tour for an additional fee.
  • You can combine it with ziplining and other animal exhibits.
  • On-site restaurant.

3. Hanging Bridges at the 100% Aventura Park in Monteverde

The third option is the Aventura Hanging Bridges by 100% Aventura Park. This park is a bit far from the other parks, situated in the tropical rainforest, with different views and vegetation than the cloud forest.

Aventura is in a reforested area, so the scenery is not spectacular. Still, there is usually more opportunity to spot wildlife than the previous two options, and the entrance fee includes a tour guide to help you find it.

Duration and distance: The guided tour at the Aventura Hanging Bridges will 2 hours to complete the 3 km (1.9 miles) course that combines eight hanging bridges with nature trails. The Aventura park is a great place to photograph local wildlife and get a nature tour experience along with the hanging bridges. 

Aventura Hanging Bridges Summary: 

  • 8 Bridges
  • 3km Trail
  • Naturalist Tour Guide Included

4. Hanging Bridge at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

a train traveling over a bridge

The fourth option is the hanging bridge at the Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve. The Monteverde Reserve is situated at the heart of the cloud forest and is the most natural park in the area. I had to mention this one as this place is very iconic, but bear in mind that it only has one hanging bridge, and it’s relatively small.  

The Monteverde Reserve has many kilometers of trails, so it is a great choice to hike around, but it’s not a good option to see the forest from above the canopy of the trees, which is the experience of the hanging bridges. 

For more information on the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, visit the article called “why the Monteverde Cloud Forest is famous and popular worldwide.”

Visiting Hanging Bridges in Monteverde with Kids

You can do the hanging bridges with kids, but there is a couple of things you should consider:

Parks do not offer babysitting services: This applies to all parks in Monteverde, not just the ones with hanging bridges, so keep this in mind when planning a visit with kids.

Most parks have stairs and ramps: This makes the way inaccessible for baby trolleys, so depending on your little ones, as well as on your physical condition, you will probably need an ergonomic carrier backpack. Many tourists with babies use them, and they might work for you, too. Just keep in mind the aforementioned distances and durations and use your best judgment. The first time I went to the hanging bridges with my daughter, she was 3, and I did not bring a backpack to carry her.

Selvatura has benches along the trail: This is great for families with small kids because you can take a couple of breaks throughout the course. Going back to my story of the first time I went to the bridges with my daughter I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I went to Selvatura, and the benches saved my day. It took me about 2.5 hours to complete the course, which I would have done in about an hour going solo, but because my daughter was three and I did not have a backpack to carry her, I had to take her in my back, and I had to stop at every bench I saw along the way.

Aventura is more about the learning experience: The next time I went with my daughter, she was 5, and this time, we went to Aventura. As mentioned above, the Aventura Hanging Bridges is a guided walk to learn about the local flora and fauna, which is not very interesting for the average 5-year-old. She preferred to go at her own pace, stopping for a break when she felt like it, but we were in a tour group, so we couldn’t just stop whenever we wanted. As a result, the experience was not the best for neither of us. I could not pay attention, and she didn’t want to. In retrospect, I would have preferred to have gone back to Selvatura and do the bridges on our own, rather than with a tour guide, so that we could go at our own pace and with our own agenda, even if that meant missing out on seeing animals and learning about the local plants.

Sky Walk features a short loop: As mentioned above, Sky Walk has two loops of trails with hanging bridges. This is an excellent option for families with small kids because you can make the first loop and see how you feel before deciding to go on for the second loop. The last time I went to the bridges with my daughter, she was 8 years old, and we went to Sky Walk. This was the best hanging bridges experience we’ve had. We made the short loop, we saw two Resplendent Quetzals, and by the time we had the option to either go on for the second loop or go back to reception, she’d had enough, so we made a conscious decision to end it there. Based on this experience, the best age to bring kids to the hanging bridges is around eight.

Overall Customer Sentiment on Hanging Bridges in Monteverde

Finding online customer reviews specifically for hanging bridges in Monteverde is chaotic. The problem with huge websites like TripAdvisor is that anyone can list tours, resell them and earn a commission. And TripAdvisor themselves are not good at reviewing and filtering those listings, so there are way too many listings offering the same services with different names.

On the other hand, Google listings do not evaluate services. They consider businesses as a whole. Considering a business as a whole is good to get an overview of a business at a high level but is not beneficial when you are only interested in one specific service. For example, suppose you search for reviews of Selvatura hanging bridges. In that case, Google will display the Selvatura business data as a whole, so you will see that the overall rating for Selvatura is 4.6 with 3,142 online reviews as of the time of writing this article. The problem is that Selvatura offers various services and experiences such as ziplining tours, animal exhibits, nature photography, restaurant services, a souvenir shop, etc. Those 3,142 online reviews represent all of those services, not a specific representation of the experience of the hanging bridges. So you might think that Selvatura has the best hanging bridges because it has a rating of 4.6. Still, then again, that is an overall rating for the park, not for the hanging bridges. So the Google overall rating for Selvatura does very little to help you put in perspective how Selvatura’s hanging bridges compare to the bridges of Sky Walk and 100% Aventura.

So, I did a study to put things in perspective and help you have an objective yet specific point of comparison. I analyzed over 5,000 online customer reviews and filtered reviews down to those where the customers only referenced the experience of the hanging bridges in Monteverde during 2021. I put the data in the following comparison chart and noted a few key takeaways from each park below the chart.


Reviews on Google (2021)
Hanging Bridges Score Reviews
Sky Walk 4.8 33
Selvatura 4.4 55
Aventura 5 3*

Sky Walk Takeaways: There were no 1-stars and 2-starts evaluations in all 2021, only a few 4-starts, one 3-star, and 28 assessments with 5-stars. A significant number of high ratings came from travelers who recommended going on the guided tour. Many other high ratings were not counted on this report because they combined hanging bridges with the sky tram (an aerial tram ride not included with the hanging bridges), indicating that this service highlights the Sky Adventures Park.

Selvatura Takeaways: Most low ratings were due to the high entrance fee and low chances of spotting wildlife. Most high ratings came from travelers who indicated that the price tag was worth it, and they paid the extra cost to join a tour group with a local guide who helped them spot some wildlife. A lot of negative reviews also referred to how commercial and touristy Selvatura is, which is true. Selvatura has a large parking lot and is easily accessible for tourist buses, so it’s usually the top choice for travel agencies and cruisers, who send up to 1,000 visitors per day to this park during the high season from December to April.

*Aventura Takeaways: There were only 3 reviews in 2021, and one of them was from a guide that works there, and another one was from a person whose pictures were from Selvatura, not from Aventura, so it was probably an incorrect evaluation. Anyone can add reviews to Google, and there is no validation from Google, which is another challenge with online reviews. Even people who have never done a tour can log in to Google Maps and post a review on a service they never bought, but that is a deeper issue and a larger conversation. Going back to Aventura hanging bridges, there were also more animal pictures than Sky Walk and Selvatura hanging bridges.

Scenery & Wildlife Seen at the Hanging Bridges in Monteverde

Based on the 5,000 online customer reviews analyzed, the top two reasons people visit the hanging bridges in Monteverde are the scenery and the wildlife. The hanging bridges in Monteverde provide a unique vantage point to see the forest from above the canopy of the trees and to see some of the local wildlife (mostly birds).

Wildlife is one of the top reasons why the Monteverde Cloud Forest is famous and popular worldwide. Still, I have to remind you that seeing wildlife from the hanging bridges is very difficult, which is why, as we discussed above, there are so many recommendations from customer online reviews inviting people to pay the extra fee to join a tour group when visiting the hanging bridges in Monteverde.

However, there are hanging bridges parks where the scenery is better and other parks where wildlife is more prominent. The following is a comparison chart that will help you determine which hanging bridges park is best for what, based on customer online reviews, as well as with my own experience having visited all sites multiple times:

Hanging Bridges Scenery Wildlife
Sky Walk Great Good
Selvatura Good Good
Aventura Good Great


Entrance Fees for Hanging Bridges in Monteverde

The following is a quick pre-tax price comparison arranged in descending order according to price.

Transportation changes depending on availability; sometimes it’s included, other times is not. So I will not include transportation fees on this table, but you can follow the links to get the most updated information for each park.

You can also use the links to check real-time availability, book, and get instant confirmation:


Prices Per Person
Bridges Adults Kids
Sky Walk $41 $28
Aventura $40 $29
Selvatura $39 $28



This ends my study on the best hanging bridges in Monteverde, Costa Rica. All four parks mentioned above offer unique experiences and depending on what you want, this is the park you should consider first for hanging bridges:

Most Natural Experience: Monteverde Reserve
Best Scenery: Selvatura Treetop Walkways
More Wildlife: 100% Aventura Bridges
Best Balance Between Scenery and Wildlife: Sky Walk

About the Author

Daniel Lalinde holding a mountain bikeDaniel Lalinde

I am the founder of Monteverde Tours Online. I live in Monteverde, and I love nature, adventure, and Mountain Biking. My partner and I love spending time in the outdoors and dining out in Monteverde. We have more than 30 years of combined experience in the area, and there is no park, no coffee shop, and no restaurant we haven’t tried at least once!

We love helping visitors, connecting them with the different tours and activities to have a memorable experience in Monteverde.

If you need help planning things to do in the area, send us a message, and we will happily assist you! 

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