Taxi-Boat-Taxi from Arenal to Monteverde

Traveling from Arenal to Monteverde (or vice-versa…) and don’t have a car?

A Taxi-Boat-Taxi might be the perfect solution for you!

This is shared transportation that provides door-to-door transportation on a beautiful ride at a reasonable price.

A Taxi (i.e. a Minibus -and sometimes a big bus) will pick you up at your departure hotel…

It will then take you to the Arenal Lake, where you get on a boat to cross the beautiful lake.

Then, on the other side, another Taxi will pick you up and will drop you off at your final destination.

This trip has 3 fundamental advantages:

1. Less travel time: Crossing the lake (instead of driving around it) saves up to 30 minutes of drive.

2. Shared cost: Depending on your hotel’s location, the cost will be $25 – $45 per person.

3. Amazing views: As you cross the lake, watching the amazing Arenal Volcano is fantastic!**

**Assuming the volcano is clear. There is never a guarantee with nature, though.

Need to make reservations?

No problem! Here at Hotel El Bosque, we will arrange this for you from or to Monteverde.

Coming from Arenal to Monteverde? Just send us an email ([email protected]).

Going to Arenal? We can do this anytime while you are here with us!

Enjoy the experience and let us handle the details for you. We’re here to help! 😉