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What is an Eco-Lodge and What Should I Expect From El Bosque Eco-Lodge?

a house in the middle of a lush green forest
What is an Eco-Lodge?  
An Eco lodge is an initiative focused on:
Minimizing the negative effect lodging has on the environment and contributing to local conservation efforts.
Costa Rica is well known for the beauty of its nature as well as for the conservation efforts leading the way worldwide.
However, not all Costa Rican accommodations can be labeled “Environmentally Friendly” and this is where eco lodges come into play.
Eco lodges focus on recycling, reusing and reducing waste, as well as using renewable energy sources, efficient lighting, and water preservation practices.
Why should I stay in an Eco-Lodge? 
Eco lodges benefit more than just the environment, but also travelers and local communities.
By protecting nature resources, eco lodges contribute to preserve forests to share with generations to come.
In our case, only 0.2% of the world is cloud forest and without the efforts of our community and travelers it would be impossible to preserve this beautiful forest.
Staying at an eco lodge helps travelers to learn about those efforts, and how to live an eco friendly and sustainable lives themselves.
This can be a great addition to your journey when visiting the Monteverde Cloud Forest and its beautiful flora and fauna.
Eco Tourism is a new way to travel but it’s not a trend, it’s a way of life and you can start this journey by staying in an Eco Lodge.
Is El Bosque Lodge the right place for me to stay in Monteverde Costa Rica?   
El Bosque Lodge is committed on preserving the surrounding environment, and protecting local wildlife.
This is a very simple lodge, no frills, but it is the best place to immerse yourself in nature and to learn about simple ways to become more environmentally sustainable.
The real treasure of this lodge is in the private forest, the gardens and the trail system (great place to get lost on!).
This is what makes it special. This is what makes us stand out from the rest of accommodations nearby.
It is a luxury many high-end hotels only wished they had. A luxury they can’t buy nor build.
This is a list of What NOT To Expect:
  • No A/C: There is no Air Conditioning, and most people would argue that this is not necessary since Monteverde is a rather cool place, the warmest time of year is generally late March where highs are regularly around 88°F (31.1°C) with temperatures usually dropping to 65°F (18.3°C) at night.
  • No TV: Nowadays, it’s more important to have a great WiFi than cable TV. We do not have TVs, but we sure have the best internet in the area contracted through a private internet provider on a Service Level Agreement of 99.9% uptime and with 50GB symmetrical, the kind of internet you would only find in expensive hotels.
  • No Hot water in the Sink: We have hot water in the showers but not in the sinks. El Bosque was the second lodge built in Monteverde many years ago and back then, it was not usual in Costa Rica to have hot water in the sink. Nowadays, it would take a huge investment to change all pipelines to have this and so it’s not doable for now.
  • No Safe Boxes in the Cabins: Safe boxes mean waste (lost keys and lots of batteries to change on the locks, far from being sustainable). Plus, our community is also among the safest places in the country (and the world) and we have a place at the reception where you can leave your dearest belongings if you still prefer to do so.
  • No Alarm Clock: Another cause for a waste of energy in a world where virtually all travelers have mobile devices with built-in alarm clocks.

Here it is What To Expect:

  • Simple cabins
  • Hot water in the shower
  • Private bathroom in all cabins
  • Bugs*
  • Nature Sounds (Noise)*
*The last two should be expected no matter where you stay in Monteverde. That’s a fact.
These two are typical in our area and no lodge, hotel or guest house, big or small, budget or high-end, will guarantee a stay without them.
So with all of the above information, you should already have a pretty good idea if this is the right place for you. If you’re looking for an authentic experience of what it’s like to spend a couple of nights completely surrounded by nature in a simple cabin nestled on a beautiful setting then this is the place for you.
It is the place to experience Monteverde in all its essence; nature, trails, forest, wildlife (especially birds…).