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Extremo Zip Lines


Adults 12+ years old
Kids 5-11 years old

Experience The Craziest Ziplining Tour in Costa Rica

Some of the BEST zip lines in the world - Very Fun! Monteverde Extremo - Zipline Canopy Tour

Awesome zip lines and incredible views including the Pacific coastline. We had a clear, sunny day. Some of the longest zip lines I have ever experienced and the staff was very efficient. The only downside is having to "brake" on some lines, but flying like "Superman" is a 'must do' . I decided against the "Tarzan Swing" but it looked fun. There was quite a bit of hiking uphill along with staircases. I was having to take quick breaks with my heavy breathing so if you are out-of-shape (like me), take it easy and bring a water bottle! There were two McCaws hanging out near the offices which was a cool bonus.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
First amazing zipline experience Monteverde Extremo - Zipline Canopy Tour

I had always wanted to try ziplining but in this setting it was amazing. We even saw some monkeys! The guides were super friendly and we got in with other first timers and had a blast! Due to their enthusiasm, I even did the jungle jump at 52! I honestly can say this was the highlight of my trip. I never felt pressured by the guides. Great experience! Must do!!

– An (TripAdvisor)
Zip line in Monteverde - Amazing Monteverde Extremo - Zipline Canopy Tour

I went for the Zip line canopy tour with Extremo Park and it was an amazing experience. The guides are great and funny, I felt really safe. The Tarzan swing was the craziest and most fun thing I’ve done in my life. I highly recommended it to any adrenaline junky like me!

– Olga (TripAdvisor)
Absolutely loved it!!! Monteverde Extremo - Zipline Canopy Tour

I did the canopy tour with my boyfriend and we both had an absolute amazing day. Our guides were hilarious and very easy to get along with. I was a bit nervous for the rappelling and I did have the option to skip it but I was determined to go and they were very patient and explained everything. The Tarzan Swing is an absolute must!! We loved it and it was the perfect way to end our tour. There are a couple stretches of walks between a couple of the zip lines but the guides are more than happy to let you take your time and they don’t try to rush you through them. Overall a fantastic experience. Transportation to and from our hostel + the zip lines + the superman lines and tunnel + the Tarzan swing + a meal at the end was 100% worth the 50$! I would go back any day

– Alex (TripAdvisor)
Best Value of Anything I have done in Costa Rica! Monteverde Extremo - Zipline Canopy Tour

This is 100% worth the money and it’s really not expensive at all! The tour was absolutely amazing. It was a little bit of a hike included so be prepared but it is so beautiful! We saw many beautiful plants and there were howler monkeys in the trees. We even saw macaws! The Tarzan swing was terrifying and awesome, this swing alone was worth every penny. This is a long activity it took our group a few hours to complete. If you’re coming to Monteverde you must do this it is a must do and worth every penny

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
So much fun! Monteverde Extremo - Zipline Canopy Tour

The experience was amazing, the tour guides were very informative, helpful and nice. The zip lines were so much fun and had beautiful views. There were also a lot of additional activities included including two Superman’s and a Tarzan swing, which many others don’t have. Everything was very well organized and felt really safe!

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Canopy Tour Monteverde Extremo - Zipline Canopy Tour

First - $50 def worth it Second - the guides were good Third - the zip lines always felt safe and the guides were very thorough when checking your equipment Fourth - beautiful views with each zip line Notes: the Superman zip lines were fun. Also, the canopy tour includes the extreme swing. Do it. Even if you are a little nervous- do it . Def. worth it. Not too far from city centre. Take their transportation. You will not be able to find the place on your own.

– Kasar (TripAdvisor)
Amazing Ziplining Monteverde Extremo - Zipline Canopy Tour

We had an amazing time time zipining at Extremo Park. The guides were great, funny and made sure that we were safe all the time. I am somewhat afraid of heights and the guides were very patient with me. The hiking between each zipline was more than expected but sooo worth it. Definately an adrenelin rush We had our own go-pro and a helmet with a mount was provided. (They will also let you take it with a stick mount). 100% recommended!!!

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Fantastic day! Monteverde Extremo - Zipline Canopy Tour

The canopy tour was terrific! The guides were excellent in ensuring that our time was safe and they were very friendly as well. We liked that they had 3 short zip lines in the beginning to practice braking and that all of the guides spoke some English. Our only nit is that when we looked more closely at our pictures of the day, no pictures from the Superman or Tunnel had been included. Otherwise, it was perfect!

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Great adrenaline rush Monteverde Extremo - Zipline Canopy Tour

This was my first time to zip lining but hopefully not my last! The views are amazing and I also saw a beautiful Toucan flying over the tree canopy There is quite a bit of walking up hills and I wished I’d left my hoodie behind but the buzz of zip lining was definitely worth the short lived discomfort It was a well organised operation with very little waiting around. The superman’s were brilliant and the big Tarzan swing a must I’d definitely recommend this tour

– Anniel (TripAdvisor)