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Hanging Bridges Monteverde Costa Rica

Monteverde Tours / Hanging Bridges

a train traveling over a bridge

There are 4 parks with hanging bridges in Monteverde, and understanding the differences between these nature parks will help you decide which one is best for you: 

  • SKY Adventures Monteverde
  • Selvatura Park
  • 100% Aventura Park
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

The first option is the Sky Adventures Monteverde Park, which we recommend because it has the longest and the most amazing hanging bridge in Costa Rica. This park is strategically situated at 1,400 meters above the sea level in the cloud forest (high enough to get the best views and low enough to nestle some wildlife such as the resplendent Quetzal). SKY (as it’s locally known) comes with the highest price tag (though it’s only a couple of USD higher than the other parks) but the vast majority of travelers indicate via online reviews that the price is well worth it. See rates and book your tickets at the bottom of this page.

The next best option is the Hanging Bridges at Selvatura Park. This part is situated right next to the Santa Elena reserve, the highest elevation point in the cloud forest. This is good for views but not ideal to spot wildlife. The entrance fee is a bit lower than SKY Adventures. See rates and book your tickets at the bottom of this page.

The third best option is the Hanging Bridges at 100% Aventura. This park is situated on a reforested area of the cloud forest. The views are nice but the forest secondary, so it is not spectacular. On the bright side, since the forest is not dense, there is more opportunity to spot animals, and they include a tour guide with the entrance fee (see rates and book now here). See rates and book your tickets at the bottom of this page.

The forth option is the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. This park is situated at the heart of the cloud forest. It’s the largest park in the area with many kilometers of hiking trails to explore, but it only has one hanging bridge and it’s rather small. This is the best park to hike around, but it’s not a good option to see the forest from above the canopy of the trees, which is what the hanging bridges experience entails.

Conclusion: All the above 4 parks offer the hanging bridges experience in Monteverde Costa Rica, and all of them are beautiful, but we at Monteverde Tours, recommend the SKY Adventures Hanging Bridges if you don’t mind the additional price tag.


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