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Discover The Best Tours And Activities In Monteverde, Costa Rica

We are a small association with a mission is to support our local community by promoting all the tours and things to do in Monteverde, connecting tourists with these activities via a simple online reservation platform. You make a difference when you participate in a local tour because these activities provide jobs to the families in our community. In addition to helping support our local communities, you are also supporting global environment conservation efforts as Tourism in Costa Rica helps preserve nature.

Monteverde Ziplines

Below is a post we wrote to help you decide which Monteverde Zipline Tour will be more appropriate for you depending on your age group and other factors. If you have done previous research and you already know which tour company is best for you, then you can use the next section to check real-time availability and book your adventure.

Best Ziplines of 2021 in Monteverde

Several companies offer zipline experiences in Monteverde, Costa Rica. If you search on the web for “best zipline in Monteverde,” you will come across several ads from those zipline companies saying that their zipline is the best, but if they all say they are the best, then who is? Since this is one of the…

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Monteverde Night Tours

Monteverde Coffee Tours

Monteverde Horseback Riding

Monteverde Transportation

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How To Get From Tamarindo to Monteverde

Hundreds of thousands of tourists travel from Tamarindo to Monteverde every year.  The cloud forest is 114 km (70.83 mi) away from Tamarindo. I’ve done this trip many times, and I’ve also helped dozens of people make it through my travel agency, Monteverde Tours Online. In this post, I will share the best ways to get…


Great Birdwatching Experience Monteverde Tours

The spot selected to do the tour is very good because it has great visibility and different landscapes, so you can watch from small hummingbirds to toucans without walking long distances. Our guide was experienced and helped us to locate many different birds and distinguish them by their singing.

– TripAdvisor
Great Night Walk Monteverde Tours

The night walk was through the extensive trails on the grounds of El Bosque. Our guide was knowledgeable and excellent at spotting many animals. A night hike was an important part of our trip to Costa Rica as the animals that are active at night are very different.

– TripAdvisor
Birdwatching Night Tour Monteverde Tours

This was an nice way to spend the evening. Our guide, Dio, was very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the area, and this particular tour was very private- 4 of us in total and we didn’t see any other groups the entire time. 10/10 would go again!

– TripAdvisor
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