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Martin Horse Tour Monteverde

Best Horseback Riding Tour For Inexperienced Riders


Adults 12+ years old
Kids 7-11 years old
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Martin Horse Tour Monteverde

The Martin Horse Tour, named after our founder “Don Martin,” who passed away in 2020, is a 2-hour horseback riding tour in Monteverde, Costa Rica, recommended for inexperienced horseback riders and families with young kids.

We have the most docile and calm horses in Monteverde, and our farm’s landscape is perfect for a smooth ride, making it an excellent option for folks with little to no horseback riding experience. 

At Martin Horse Tour, we will ride through a trail through open areas used for pasture and a small forested area, a beautiful path to connect with nature in an easy-going ride to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Once we reach the summit of our farm’s land, we will take a moment to enjoy the magnificent view overlooking the entire Monteverde area down to the sea overlooking the Gulf of Nicoya, a beautiful stop before we make our way back down to where the tour started.

For your information, in the past, the Martin Horse Tour was also known as Martin Horses and Martin Tours, and some fellow community members still refer to us using those terms. 

Prices For Martin Horse Tour Monteverde 

The Horse Trek Horseback Riding Tour is $30 for residents (all ages) and kids below twelve years old and $60 for adults (12 and up).

These rates include the entrance fee to our farm, equipment (helmets), and insurance, but they do not include transportation or taxes.

How to Get to Martin Horse Tour Monteverde

The Martin Horse Tour takes place on private property. Our farm is in Santa Elena, about 5 minutes from Monteverde. After booking online, you will get the Google Maps location on your confirmation email.

If you don’t have a car to get to us, you can add transportation via the online reservation form, where you can give us the name and address of your hotel or Airbnb, and we will happily pick you up 30 to 60 minutes before the tour starts. And we’ll also take you back after the time ends.

Martin Horse Tour Times

We run our Martin Horse Tour twice a day:

  • 9 AM to 11 AM
  • 4 PM to 6 PM

Book Now Your Martin Horse Tour

We require a reservation to operate our Martin Horse Tour.

From December through April, we have daily availability during the summertime, but we encourage you to book ahead to secure your spots, which you can do using the “BOOK NOW” button on this page.

During the rainy season, from May through November, there are several variables we have to consider to open a Martin Horse Tour. For that reason, the “BOOK NOW” button on this page might not be available, so we encourage you to reach out to us via phone, chat, or email to check on availability and get your spots.

Should we not have availability for a given day, we’ll happily provide you with other times/options, or we will help get spots for a horseback ride with another tour operator in Monteverde.

As a general rule, the earlier you plan your Martin Horse Tour, the higher the probability we will have availability, so we encourage you to take advantage of our flexible cancellation policy to get your spots today.

Martin Horse Tour Flexible Cancelation Policy

We encourage you to book your Martin Horseback Tour today to save your spots and rest assured knowing we have a flexible cancellation policy, so if you cancel at least 24 hours before the tour day, we will fully refund you.

On the other hand, the Martin Horse Tour generally operates under any weather condition (including rain). However, if there is challenging weather (such as a thunderstorm), we will contact you to reschedule or refund you.

Martin Horse Tour Reviews

Beautiful Horse Tour! Martin Horse Tour

The Martin Horses Tour was a wonderful experience. The scenery was incredible, and we even had a stop mid-ride to let the horses rest; this was a welcome chance to stretch our legs and enjoy the view.

– TripAdvisor
Excellent Horse Tour Martin Horse Tour

The Martin Horseback Riding Tour has spectacular views from some fantastic trails! They have a passion for their horses as well as their riders. My granddaughter and I had an excellent 2-hour horseback ride.

– TripAdvisor
Amazing Horse Tour Martin Horse Tour

What a fantastic experience. The horses were great, and the landscape was incredible. Our guide was terrific, had local knowledge, and loved what he did. I had a good laugh, and the whole adventure was great.

– TripAdvisor