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Adults 12+ years old

Experience The Craziest Bungee Jumping Adventure in Costa Rica

Jump off the highest bungee jumping spot in Costa Rica on this bungee jumping tour in Monteverde Extremo Park at Monteverde Costa Rica and you will experience the most extreme adventure in the country.

An aerial tram will take you up in the air to a platform between two mountains in the jungle. From there you will be attached to a bungee rope and 3, 2, 1…Off you go down to the void from 143-meter height (just a little less than 500 feet, imagine that!).

It should go without saying but safety comes first and so you will be using a helmet and strong cable to keep you safe, as you jump off the tram over the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Over 150 Customer Reviews with a 4.5 Average Rating

Wonderful time bungee jumping! Bungee Jumping at Monteverde Extremo Park

Make sure you bring a jacket when you go- it's so windy because you're up so high! I loved Kenneth and Lenny who were our guides for our first time bungee jumping! They made us feel very safe (seeing them check each of the hooks was very reassuring) and were super encouraging- I hesitated on my jump, and Kenneth talked me through it, especially waiting out the wind. He answered all my questions (and believe me, I asked a LOT) and didn't make me feel pressured at all. The videos were a great purchase- I love rewatching them and re-living the moment!

– Reviewed on TripAdvisor by Anna Y
One of the most amazing experiences of my life Bungee Jumping at Monteverde Extremo Park

From the very beginning the bungee instructor was really good and explaining all the safety procedures, i felt safe and ready for the jump. It has to be one of the best decisions of my life. I would def. go again

– Reviewed on TripAdvisor by Sheyla Z
A crazy experience Bungee Jumping at Monteverde Extremo Park

Me and a friend went bungee jumping here, and it was an amazing experience. The jump in it self was both terrifying and super awesome, and if you’re not scared of heights a recommend to try something like this. The people who there were nice and helped us prepare in a easy and good way.

– Minna (TripAdvisor)
I went in twice and backed out both... Bungee Jumping at Monteverde Extremo Park

I went in twice and backed out both the times.. Third time was a charm.. all because the guys running this really wanted me to get rid of the fears I held and make the plunge!!!! Highly recommended!

– Reviewed on Viator by Rushabh J
Bungee Jumping was amazing Bungee Jumping at Monteverde Extremo Park

It was an amazing Jump and to see Monteverde with that view, I would do it everytime again! It was save and even with rain it was a nice adventure. It is really safe and beautiful

– Reviewed on TripAdvisor by Rica R
Beautiful location for jumping Bungee Jumping at Monteverde Extremo Park

The surroundings are just beautiful. You take a cable car straight across the valley floor. Gorgeous views all around. The jump was safe, but I did feel a big pull when I reached the bottom. Since this was my first jump I'm not sure if that was to be expected. I imagined it to be a lot smoother bounce.

– Reviewed on TripAdvisor by travel2dive
Bungee Bungee Jumping at Monteverde Extremo Park

I did the bungee at Extremo, staff made me feel safe during the jump and clearly explained the instructions. It was myself and two other people who all went out on the moving platform and jumped one at a time, it was cool getting to see other people jump before me. They attach a go pro camera to your helmet and charge $20US to burn the short video to a disc for you, I opted not to pay for the video but really liked that staff showed our little group and some other onlookers the videos. Afterwards we waited around for about 30 minutes before staff finally drove us back in to town.

– Reviewed on TripAdvisor by staceyd796
Do it! Bungee Jumping at Monteverde Extremo Park

This was my first bungee jump, of course it was one of the longest. I was the only one doing the bungee jump that day, so it was a quasi private experience. The staff was awesome and safety was a HUGE importance. They explained everything they were doing, and the sequence of events before the jump. The countdown from 5 started and I didn't think about it, just jumped and it was the one of the most free feelings I've had. The price is very good, if you've ever looked into bungee jumping elsewhere, you'll be lucky to find one below 100 dollars. I never felt unsafe and the videos are awesome! On the downside, you can't use your own gopro

– Reviewed on TripAdvisor by rapparlie88
Safe and well equipped Bungee Jumping at Monteverde Extremo Park

It’s been my very first jump ever and I felt very safe and the guys seem to know exactly what they were doing strapping is in and all. Bit annoying I wasn’t allowed to use my own GoPro but had to buy the video of them for $20 (if you want to). Other than that I had a great time and hey even made it possible without actually having power on the day

– Reviewed on TripAdvisor by StephsWorld2009
Experience of a lifetime!! Bungee Jumping at Monteverde Extremo Park

We came to do the canopy tour (including the superman and the tarzan) and also the bungee jump. Stuff is very professional and everything went so smooth. Really an amazing experience . Thank you Andreas and all the other stuff for a great day!!!!

– Reviewed on TripAdvisor by Or Abutbul

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