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Nature Tours

Birdwatching Tours, Nature History Tours, and Night Walk Tours in Monteverde

Nature Tours in Monteverde Costa Rica

Monteverde is a paradise for nature lovers. You will love the amazing biodiversity of this place which includes more than 400 bird especies, 120 anphibiams and repitles, 490 butterflies and around 100 mammals.

Additionally, Monteverde is home to more than 3,000 plants including the largest variety of orchids (over 500 especies in total).

There are many parks with lots of nature tours to choose from, and browsing through all of them can be an overwhelming task, so we have hand-picked the best of the best nature tours in the area for you.

Check real-time availability and book your tours below to secure your spots. 

Enjoyed seeing animals we might not have seen otherwise! Kinkajou Night Walk

It was cool to see the animals that were on the walk as we did not have much time in Monteverde. Our guide Donald was very entertaining and knew a lot about everything we saw, it was great to pick his brain and have all our questions answered.

– Reviewed by Hayden M
Really nice evening with Donald Kinkajou Night Walk

I went on Kinkajou's night walk last night and had a blast! We saw a bunch of florescent scorpions, tarantula, red eyed frogs, coeti, possums, olingos mating (hehe), and a sloth. Donald had a ton of great information to share & was a great guide! All in all, it was a fun night exploring and learning a bit about nature.

– Reviewed by Lauren G
Different way to see animals Kinkajou Night Walk

This was pretty cool. We saw a bunch of animals/critters, but mostly things were pretty far away and hard to see. It's all a bit of luck. It seems like this is the case with many of the Monteverde night walk companies, but there are a bunch of groups walking around in a not-very-large area, so it's not necessarily the most authentic-feeling experience. But, I'm still glad we did it because we got to see a ton of animals which was great!

– Reviewed by Lara K
Memorable night hike - sloths, spiders, frogs oh my! Night Walk Santamaria

Met Anthony for the night hike - saw sleeping birds, tarantulas, pit viper, frogs and two sloths, which we would have never seen as two-toeds are nocturnal. Wear good sturdy shoes and bring a flashlight if you can. They also provide one for you if you don’t. Lovely experience. PS these are night hikes and not a zoo visit. Some commented that they expected to see X, Y or Z and were annoyed with the guide. Go to a zoo or buy a photo book next time ;-).

– Reviewed by MayP
Good but Night Walk Santamaria

Saw quite a few things and guide was knowledgeable and funny. However we started 20 mins late and finished 10 mins early. So tour was 1.5 hours. Not 2 hours as advertised. Also it is only $25 if you pay in cash. For card they add the tax and it becomes $28.

– Reviewed by GreatDayer
Great guide and spot for searching birds Birdwatching Tour at El Bosque

Jesús (our guide - Spanish language) was excellent. He knew the best spot along the trail where to find a given bird. He also adapted to our expectations, skipping the species that we already saw and looking for new ones! He has a great skill for finding birds and aiming the telescope through foliage - we work on wildlife surveys and we were impressed. When we saw the Long-tailed Manakin (saltarín toledo), he described the display during the lek, and made the calls for us :) We also liked this tour because you support local business and help maintain forests in the area.

– Reviewed by Nelida9876
Great birdwatching experience Birdwatching Tour at El Bosque

The spot selected to do the tour is very good because it has great visibility and different landscapes, so you can watch from small hummingbirds to tucans without walking long distances. Our guide Roiner is experienced and helped us to locate many different birds and distinguish them by their singing. He also carried a very good telescope wich helped us to apreciate with more detail many of the birds we saw. It is a high recomended tour for the people who like birdwatching.

– Reviewed by Tania G