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Private Car Service From Monteverde to San Jose


Excellent Private Car Service From Monteverde to San Jose

Private Car Service from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio

Let us do the driving for you. Travel effortlessly, safely, and efficiently from Monteverde to San Jose. Enjoy the scenery or relax and take a nap while we take care of the driving for you. 

Our Private Car Service is a door-to-door transportation service that takes you from your lodge in Monteverde to San Jose. We will take care of the driving while you relax in our Vans, equipped and A/C.

Private Car Service Duration

Our Private Car Service takes approximately 3.5 hours from Monteverde to San Jose, which is 1 hour faster than riding a shared shuttle and 8 hours faster than public transportation. 

We will pick you up in Monteverde, and you will go on a 3.5-hour direct ride to your destination in San Jose. About halfway through, our driver will make a 20-minute stop along the way so you can stretch, grab a snack, and use the restrooms.

Departure and Arrival Times

Our Private Car Service from Monteverde to San Jose is highly personalized. 

We depart Monteverde at your desired time (ideally between 8 am and 5 pm), arriving in San Jose about 3.5 hours later. 

Should you need to travel outside our regular pickup times, let us know in your online reservation form, and we will happily accommodate for a fair extra fee to be determined depending on the pickup time of your choice.

Note: Some lodges claim they are in Monteverde when they are much further from Monteverde’s town. We can only provide our service if your lodging is reasonably far from the Monteverde perimeter. Thus, our service includes all the lodges in a 5-kilometer (3-mile) radius around Monteverdeo’s downtown. However, if your accommodation is outside this area, let us know in your online reservation form, and we will also accommodate at an extra surcharge. 

Private Car Service Prices

Our Private Car Service offers a reasonable transportation solution for travelers from Monteverde to San Jose. We keep our rates relatively low compared to Uber and Taxi cars. Unlike these entities, we have fixed prices.

On the one hand, Uber’s pricing can drastically increase depending on the market demand for a given day, making it hard to predict how much you will have to budget for the trip. 

On the other hand, Taxi drivers usually charge you for both ways, from Monteverde to San Jose and then from San Jose back to Monteverde, even when you’re only traveling one way.

Our pricing structure is much more straightforward.

Depending on the number of travelers, their age, and the time of the year, our Private Car Service price is $255 to $300 from Monteverde to San Jose.  Our rates include the entire ride, a stop along the way, and piece of luggage, and a carry-on per passenger. Your bag will travel inside the shuttle, while your luggage may need to go in the car’s outside area.

Extra items: For additional luggage or a surfboard (up to 6 feet long max), the extra charge is $15 apiece. If you have to carry one of these items, you will need to pay the additional cost to the driver in cash at the pickup time unless you let us know in advance so we can add it to your online bill. 

Private Car Service Capacity

Our Private Car Service’s maximum capacity is up to 22 passengers. We have regular-size and big Vans depending on your group size. During the high season, we have multiple shuttles running on any given day from December through April.

However, regardless of how many shuttles we operate on your service day, your family will always travel in the same shuttle. Nonetheless, booking in advance during those times is vital for us to arrange the logistics and reserve your seats. 

Private Car Service Online Reviews

Effortless Trip Private Car Service From Monteverde to San Jose

Traveling from Monteverde to San Jose was very easy. I booked online via El Bosque Monteverde, and they picked me up in my hotel in Monteverde and took me to San Jose in about 3 hours. We stopped along the way to use the restrooms. Highly recommend it.

– Peter
Excellent Car Service! Private Car Service From Monteverde to San Jose

The Private Car picked me up at Hotel Calalodge nearby Monteverde at around 2 pm, and I arrived in San Jose before 6 pm. I did not have to worry about renting a car and driving on the narrow and crazy road to Monteverde. I highly recommend it.

– Jonathan
Great Value Car Service Private Car Service From Monteverde to San Jose

Traveling from Monteverde to San Jose with these guys was the best route. I made a mistake and came into Monteverde via the San Jose Public Bus. It was hot, hectic, busy, noisy, and not clean. Don't use the bus unless you can't afford a private car service.

– Nate