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Adult 18+ years old
Student 12-25 years old with ID
Child 6-11 years old
Local All Ages

Experience a Skywalk above the Canopy of the Trees

Sky Adventures is an adventure park in Monteverde Costa Rica.

Sky, as the Tour Operator is called by the locals in Monteverde, offers a “Skywalk”, an spectacular combination of suspension bridges and trails with heights that exceed the treetops, which are commonly referred to as Hanging Bridges, or Suspension Bridges.

On this activity, you will have the opportunity to observe some of the local wildlife, and you will also enjoy the best way to discover the exuberant Monteverde Cloud Forest from all perspectives (i.e. from the grounds -in the trails- as well as from above the canopy of the trees -on the bridges).

There are other parks in the area that offer the hanging bridges experience but Sky Adventures has the longest bridge of all (Bridge number 5 which is 236 meters long).

Testimonials From Travelers Like You

Hanging Bridges Skywalk at Sky Adventures Monteverde

We took a self-guided tour of the hanging bridges and it was phenomenal! The views were absolutely stunning. We were luck enough to be there on a clear day, but even in the clouds and fog I can imagine it would be amazing. We also went into the Monteverde Reserve for some hiking that day, and honestly the Sky Adventure bridges were much better. The entrance price to the reserve was about the same as the self guided walk at Sky Adventures, so if you are only wanting to do one, definitely choose this. It is worth your time! We were very impressed with the company and all of the staff and would definitely come back to them for another tour or activity

– Reviewed by lesleebriggs (TripAdvisor)
Hanging bridges in Monte Verde Costa Rica Skywalk at Sky Adventures Monteverde

We enjoyed the variety of the activities and the adventure this tour had to offer and I should mention that you do not need to b an avid hiker for this activity. Pura Vida.

– Reviewed by Vacationer471654 (TripAdvisor)
Bridge walk Skywalk at Sky Adventures Monteverde

The SKY tour had a nicely designed and well kept facility for being so very high up in the mountains. The people who own and operate this clearly cares about safety as well as the many plants, trees, birds and flowers that are highlighted. Enjoy!

– Reviewed by jpptravels (TripAdvisor)
Hanging Bridges - Beautiful! Skywalk at Sky Adventures Monteverde

The trails are well maintained and the bridges are very safe. Views are spectacular.

– Reviewed by kejohnson311 (TripAdvisor)
Views!!! Skywalk at Sky Adventures Monteverde

We enjoyed the beauty, views above the tree tops in a very safe environment. It is an easy walk. Even though I am not good with heights, it felt very safe and I am so glad to experience the beauty. We went in Dec. All we needed was a light jacket in the morning.

– Reviewed by Jpritch7 (TripAdvisor)
Experience the Cloud Forest Skywalk at Sky Adventures Monteverde

This was my best experience in the Rain Forest, make that Cloud Forest Canopy in all of Costa Rica. This one location alone offered the complete and total rainforest experience. The trails in the rainforest were very well maintained.

– Reviewed by B7074PFrickk (TripAdvisor)
An adventure through the Flora and Fauna of the Cloud Forest Skywalk at Sky Adventures Monteverde

I signed up for the SkyWalk and was pleasantly surprised to find I was the only one for that time frame.

– Reviewed by LlianeWanderlust (TripAdvisor)
A totally different view of the forest Skywalk at Sky Adventures Monteverde

We saw things you just would not see from the floor of the forest such as a hummingbird feeding on top of the canopy. I have a real fear of heights but managed the bridges and am glad I did. Would really recommend it.

– Reviewed by MarieApperley (TripAdvisor)
Walk among the treetops Skywalk at Sky Adventures Monteverde

Our hanging bridge walk was included in our four night Costa Rican tour. In the morning we were well and truly among the clouds in the forest and it rained for a brief moment. It felt quite surreal and during the trek through the forest path, we needed our warm micro-fleeces and rain coats. The bird song was beautiful.

– Reviewed by Silverisage (TripAdvisor)
Beautiful views! Skywalk at Sky Adventures Monteverde

Six hanging bridges make for a great walking tour among the trees. Great and well worth the effort. This country is amazing!

– Reviewed by grumpyguts (TripAdvisor)
Great views Skywalk at Sky Adventures Monteverde

Having previously hiked in the Cloud Forest and also crossed the Hanging Bridges, I decided to see the forest from a different angle When you walk the bridges, they seem high but they definitely aren't. Whilst we didn't get to see Arenal due to the clouds, the remaining view was spectacular - it is a little windy up there but definitely worth a go

– Reviewed by Sue C (TripAdvisor)
Beautiful! Skywalk at Sky Adventures Monteverde

We walked the hanging bridges tour without a guide. I struggle with this as I know sometimes its better to have guides as they know where all the critters are. My husband and I are amateur photographers of wildlife and thats what we are there for. We managed to spot and get photos of a few animals: Townsend’s Warbler, Spangle-cheeked Tanager, Silver-throated Tanager, Black-faced Solitaire, hummingbird of some sort, White-nosed Coatie, butterflies (sadly, no Blue Morpho) and some type of cool-looking caterpillar. LOTS of plants- some I recognized as plants in our corporate office in US only growing wild. I am sure this is a place I could enjoy for a few more days!

– Reviewed by Bmac420 (TripAdvisor)
Spectacular views Skywalk at Sky Adventures Monteverde

Just did the Sky Walk bridges but was lovely to be up in the canopy. Didn't go with a guide, which might have been good to point out things I missed. Got caught in a thunderstorm halfway round, which was interesting on the wobbly bridges. They are secure but move around unnervingly with more than one onboard!

– Reviewed by JO B (TripAdvisor)
Hanging bridges Skywalk at Sky Adventures Monteverde

We visited Sky Adventures to hike around the hanging bridges, there were 6 in total. in the cloud forest, although when we went the sky was sunny and there were little to no clouds. The hike was a little steep at the beginning but evened our quite quickly. We opted to go without a guide and enjoyed traveling at our own pace, although we didn’t seen any interesting animals on our own. We went earlier in the morning and at times it felt like we were the only people there, it was really nice not being surrounded by a ton of people, it felt very serene. The bridges were beautiful and we felt like we got a good mix of bridges above and below the tree tops.

– Reviewed by staceyd796 (TripAdvisor)

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