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Sky Tram Monteverde Gondola Ride


✅ What’s Included:

  • Insurance
  • 30-Min Gondola Ride
  • A 30-Min Nature Trail
  • Access to Observatory Tower
  • Access to Multiple Viewpoints

❌ Not Included:

  • Photos*
  • Souvenirs*
  • Food/Drinks*
  • Transportation**

*Can be purchased at the park.

**Can be added as you book online.

Adults 18+ Years Old
Students 12-17 with ID
Kids 6-11 Years Old
Infants 0-5 Years Old
Nacionales De 6 en Adelante

🚋 Welcome to Sky Tram Monteverde

Experience the Magic of the Cloud Forest

Prepare to embark on a journey as you step into the heart of Costa Rica’s enchanting Cloud Forest. At Sky Tram Monteverde, we invite you to experience the magic of this extraordinary ecosystem from a unique vantage point. Our aerial trams will transport you through the lush canopies, offering breathtaking views and unrivaled opportunities to connect with nature.

Sky Tram Monteverde is a beautiful 30-minute ride on an aerial Gondola between 45 and 65 meters (131 and 213 feet) above the Monteverde cloud forest, featuring astonishing views above the canopy.

On this tour, you will travel a distance of 800 meters (2,624 feet) up and down from the reception of Treetopia Park (formerly Sky Adventures Monteverde) to the highest point of the cloud forest. You will ride at an easygoing slow speed of 10 km/h (6 mi/h) to enjoy the views overlooking the Monteverde cloud forest.

There is a stop at the top of Sky Tram Monteverde before heading back to reception, from where you can walk on a beautiful and easy trail of approximately 200 meters (656 feet), which can take up to 30 minutes if you take it slow. From that point, you will also have access to a couple of beautiful viewpoint platforms overlooking the cloud forest and an observation tower from where you can see the Arenal volcano, Nicoya’s Gulf, and a panoramic view of the entire Monteverde region.

😍 “THE Views!”



Sky Tram Monteverde exceeded my expectations! The tram ride was serene, and the short and easy nature trail at the top was an excellent way to connect with nature. The observation tower was also a highlight as it provided a 360-degree view of the Monteverde region, but be aware that there are many stairs to climb to get to that point. Alternatively, some viewpoints require minimum walking and provide incredible vistas and photo moments. I especially recommend to older folks who can’t walk much and still want to experience the Monteverde cloud forest.”

– Paula Cordero | August 2023

At Sky Tram Monteverde, we offer an unparalleled adventure through Costa Rica’s breathtaking Cloud Forest. Here’s why you should choose us:

🌳 Why Choose Sky Tram Monteverde?

Spectacular Views:

At Sky Tram Monteverde, our aerial trams provide panoramic views of lush greenery and the beautiful outskirts of Monteverde. On a clear day, you can see four volcanoes (Arenal, Miravalles, Rincon de la Vieja, and Tenorio), as well as Cerro Pelado, Cerro Pinocho, the Nicoya’s Gulf, Lake Arenal, and even Lake Nicaragua. There’s another place in Costa Rica where you can see such iconic landmarks simultaneously.


We’re committed to preserving the environment with minimal ecological impact on this unique ecosystem. At Sky Walk Monteverde, we mitigate the tiny environmental effects of the aerial trams (which use diesel as their energy source) by protecting many acres of sacred cloud forest that would otherwise be used for cattle and agriculture. We also take pride in other environmental practices, such as recycling and digital technology, to make reservations online rather than on paper.

Photographer’s Paradise:

Capture the magic with unparalleled photo opportunities as you soar above the treetops. There are many viewpoints in the Monteverde, but Sky Tram Monteverde has them all in one place. With a 360-degree view overlooking the cloud forest and the most iconic sights on Monteverde’s outskirts, the possibilities for amazing photographs are endless. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer, an amateur, or a regular with a modern mobile phone, our aerial tram will give you a unique vantage point for taking fantastic pictures.

Unforgettable Memories:

Create lasting memories in one of the world’s most enchanting natural wonders. Sky Tram Monteverde is a place like no other. The relaxing ride with the phenomenal panoramic views will create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Nice and Easy: 

The Sky Tram Monteverde is an experience specially designed for those who can’t walk much but still want to experience the Monteverde cloud forest and its fantastic scenery. The gondola ride and the short trail at the summit are easy and almost completely effortless.

🚌 Transportation Available

The Sky Walk Monteverde experience occurs at Treetopia Park (formerly Sky Adventures Monteverde), about 10 minutes from Monteverde’s main town, Santa Elena. After booking online, you will get a confirmation email with the Google Maps location with driving instructions to get here.

If you don’t have a car to get to us, you can add transportation for an additional fee when booking online. Type in the name and address of your Hotel/Airbnb, and we will happily pick you up 30 to 60 minutes before the tour starts. We’ll also take you back.

✅ Flexible Cancellation

Our flexible cancellation policy allows you to cancel with a full refund up to 24 hours before the tour day. You can easily cancel online, directly from your confirmation email —no need to talk to someone, and no questions asked.

The Sky Walk Monteverde Tour is generally open through most weather conditions (including rain). However, if there is challenging weather (such as a thunderstorm), we will work with you to reschedule or refund you.

📅 Planning Your Adventure

Ready to make your adventure dreams a reality? Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. Book your Sky Walk Monteverde experience today and prepare to have your breath taken away. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or as a family, we guarantee memories that will last a lifetime.

🎟️ Booking Your Tickets

Limited slots are available due to capacity limits at the park, so you must book in advance (everyone needs a reservation; walk-ins without a reservation are not allowed). Don’t miss your chance to experience the breathtaking beauty of Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Your extraordinary experience awaits – secure your spot today and gear up for an adventure you won’t want to delay any longer! Book online now to reserve your spot and prepare for an experience you’ll discuss for years.

After booking online, you’ll get an immediate confirmation email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Naturalists Say

Sky Tram Monteverde Sky Tram Monteverde

Great! For those who don't zip line, the Sky Tram is perfect. Excellent views of the tree canopy, lookouts, and cafe at the top. You can see the Arenal volcano from the observation tower's peak.

– Huxley Velasquez
Excellent Experience Sky Tram Monteverde

We took the tram up the mountain. Typically I wouldn't say I like heights, but I wanted to do this tour and was glad I did as I felt completely safe, and this is a great way to see the cloud forest.

– Tatum Nash
Pricey but Beautiful Sky Tram Monteverde

We did the Sky Tram on a rainy and windy day. The tram ride up was very windy and thrilling, and the view was beautiful. It was pricey but beautiful. All in all, we had a great day here!

– Jonathan Frost