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Zip Lining In Monteverde Costa Rica

Monteverde Tours / Zip Lining

A man doing ziplines in Monteverde Costa Rica

Four parks offer zip lining experiences in Monteverde Costa Rica, and understanding the differences will help you decide which one is best for you: 

  • Sky Adventures Monteverde
  • 100% Aventura Park
  • Monteverde Extremo Park
  • Selvatura Park

The first option is the Sky Trek Zip Lining Tour at Sky Adventures Monteverde, which we recommend based on their top-notch security protocol. This tour features the fastest (reaching speeds of up to 64km/h), yet the safest (featuring an automatic “no hands” breaking system -especially recommended for kids). The park is strategically situated at 1,400 meters above the sea level offering amazing views over the canopy of the cloud forest, and the tour requires no walking, just ziplining from platform to platform, including a beautiful ride on an aerial tram to the first platform, 10 ziplines from 100-meter (300 feet) to 750-meter (2,500 feet) each, and an optional Tarzan swing. The Sky Trek Zip Lining Tour comes with the highest price tag, but the vast majority of travelers indicate that the price is well worth it.

The next option is the 100% Aventura Zip Lining Tour. The 100% Aventura Park is situated on a reforested area of the cloud forest. The views are nice but the forest secondary, so the scenery is a bit more rustic. However, their ziplining course is extremely fun. This tour includes 10 ziplines (including the longest zipline in all Latin America, a 1,500 meter cable that you can do in the superman style), breaks with gloved hands, a walk in a hammock bridge, a Tarzan swing, and a hike before the final zipline.

The third option is the Monteverde Extremo Park. This park is a bit far from the other parks, situated in tropical rainforest (not the same as the cloud forest). It’s the most extreme park in the area, and it features the longest zip lining course in the country (4,330 meters or 2.7 miles in total), with 16 ziplines (including two superman ziplines -one of which goes through a tunnel), breaks with gloved hands, and a good deal of walking (not the best option for kids) making it rather intense and meant for folks who are more physically fit and in search of the most thrilling zipline experience.

The forth option is the Selvatura Zip Lining Tour at the Selvatura Park. This part is situated right next to the Santa Elena reserve, the highest elevation point in the cloud forest. This is where the forest is super dense, which is good for connecting with nature, but it’s typically pretty crowded as this park is the most commercial adventure park in the area and their parking lot fits a few tour buses at a time, making it the first option for travel agencies who send a lot of tourists this way. The Selvatura Zip Lining Tour includes 13 ziplines, no walking (just ziplining from platform to platform), breaks with gloved hands, and a Tarzan swing. The Superman cable is sold separately. 

All the above 4 parks offer amazing zip lining experiences in Monteverde Costa Rica, but we recommend the Sky Trek Zip Lining Tour for the security aspect of it, if you don’t mind the additional price tag.

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