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Don Rodolfo Night Tour

Unique Monteverde Night Tour Dedicated to Small Groups


Adults 12+ Years Old
Children 5-11 Years Old
Costa Rican Citizen All Ages

Don Rodolfo Night Tour Overview 

Don Rodolfo Night Tour is a light 2-hour walk in search of the creatures of the night, recommended to anyone who wants to see sleeping birds, a couple of mammals, and a wide variety of insects.

Animals in Monteverde, Costa Rica, are more active and prominent during the nighttime when they come out searching for food and shelter, so you will have many more chances to see them on a night tour. 


Don Rodolfo Night Tour is Less Touristy, More Exclusive

At Don Rodolfo Night Tour, we focus mainly on conservation, so we only handle one or two small groups per night, making the experience less touristy and more exclusive.


Don Rodolfo Night Tour Specializes in Small Groups

You will join a group of four to six people, with a local tour guide who will give you an introduction and flashlights before starting the walk on the trails of Don Rodolfo. Spots are minimal, so you need to book in advance.

Restrictions: Don Rodolfo Night Tour is not wheelchair accessible, and it is not suitable for kids under the age of 5. 

Don Rodolfo Night Tour Meeting Point

Don Rodolfo Night Tour is about a 10-minute drive from Santa Elena, Monteverde. Even though we include transportation with the tickets, we recommend driving to the park directly whenever possible. Getting here by your means can save you up to 60 minutes since the shuttles have to stop many times at multiple locations to pick up or drop off travelers. However, the road is unpaved and steep, so it’s best to have a 4×4 vehicle.

After you make your online reservation, you will get an instant confirmation email that will include a link with Google Maps’ driving instructions, so you can easily follow along if you decide to come with your vehicle.

Book Now with Flexible 24-Hour Cancelation

Don Rodolfo Night Tour has a much smaller capacity than other more touristy, busier local night tour companies. Therefore, we recommend booking the tour in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak tourist seasons.

We offer a 24-hour, flexible cancelation policy, so you can book now to secure your spots and have peace of mind knowing you can cancel directly from your confirmation email at least 24 hours before the tour day, and you will get a full refund. No questions asked, and no need to call in, email, or message anyone to cancel. 

Don Rodolfo Night Tour Testimonials

Personal NatGeo Show Don Rodolfo Night Tour

This was by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever done! It was like your own personal National Geographic show! I was blown away by how much cool things we saw. We saw a snake, 2 tarantulas, leaf cutter ants, a porcupine, 2 scorpions, and lots of stick bugs.

– Pauli Katz
Wonderful Night Tour Don Rodolfo Night Tour

This was such an awesome experience! We saw sleeping birds, a snake, a tarantula, a scorpion, and a baby squirrel. More importantly, the guides were so knowledgeable and kind and made the experience so magical. I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did!

– Robin Lorenz
Loved Our Night Tour Don Rodolfo Night Tour

We loved our night tour! It was super informative and interesting. We saw many cool bugs, birds, and a sloth! The tour guides have amazing eyes for spotting insects and frogs. It was a great experience with super lovely hosts and really great animals.

– Madeleine Raute