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Experience a Unique Lodging Experience in a Beautiful Setting Surrounded with Nature


Get an Intimate Experience with Nature

Experience what it’s like to be completely surrounded by nature. At El Bosque, you will feel as though you are camping in the cloud forest but with all the basic lodging amenities (no frills) at your fingertips (fast WiFi, a comfortable bed, a private bathroom and a hot shower).

If you are a simple traveler, who prefers nature over luxury, this place is for you.

A Premiere Birding Location in Monteverde

Spot many birds without walking too much. Simply wake up early, grab your binoculars, and take an easy walk around the property and you will spot more birds here than anywhere else in Monteverde (guaranteed or your money back).

El Bosque is a perfect blend of young (secondary) forest and old (primary) forest, and it is right at the heart of the Bellbird Biological Corridor (right on the edge of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest) which makes the location a hot spot for birdwatching. If you are a birder, this place is for you.

Get FREE Access to El Bosque Trails

A trail in the forest in Monteverde Costa Rica

Explore our beautiful nature trails system. Just put on your hiking boots, take a map and get ready to get lost in nature as you also get a good morning workout. El Bosque Trails is a private park, a 23-acre area set aside for conservation with many trails to get lost on. It is right on the premises of the property and the best part is that it is free for you to use from 7 am to 4 pm everyday.

If you want to avoid the crowds and the pricey entrance fees from the popular parks in the area, this place is for you.


Explore The Forest at Night with a Tour Guide

With a flashlight and tour guide, exploring the forest at night can be an incredibly interesting experience. For this reason, night tours are among the most popular activities in the area, and at El Bosque Night Tour, you will have the opportunity to experience this activity right on the premises of the property (for an additional fee).

If you want to stay in a place with a night tour onsite, this place is for you.

Experience the Best Things to do in Monteverde

Walk on the clouds, fly over lush green mountains, learn about nature, spot many birds, and experience the best that Monteverde has to offer!

Weather you are staying at our lodge or at another place, if you need to book a tour, our online booking system will enable you to make reservations quickly and efficiently.


Great birdwatching experience

The spot selected to do the tour is very good because it has great visibility and different landscapes, so you can watch from small hummingbirds to tucans without walking long distances. Our guide Roiner is experienced and helped us to locate many different birds and distinguish them by their singing. He also carried a very good telescope which helped us to appreciate with more detail many of the birds we saw. It is a highly recommended tour for the people who like birdwatching.

– Tania G. • TripAdvisor
Great night walk on the grounds of El Bosque

The night walk was through the extensive trails on the grounds of Hotel El Bosque. Our guide was knowledgable and excellent at spotting many animals. A night hike was an important part of our trip to Costa Rica as the animals that are active at night are very different. We would highly recommend this activity.

– zkh2018 • TripAdvisor
Birdwatching Night Tour

This was an nice way to spend the evening. Our guide, Dio, was very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the area, and this particular tour was very private- 4 of us in total and we didn’t see any other groups the entire time.

– senorandres • TripAdvisor
Amazing Night Tour

Great night walk through the forest. Small group, personal tour. Spotted many birds, tarantula, and mammals without disrupting them. 10/10 would go again!

– Kyle F. • TripAdvisor