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Equus Monteverde


Person 5+ Years Old
Monteverde Horseback Riding: Enjoy the Relaxed Cloud Forest Ride

Monteverde Equus Farm Tour

The Monteverde Equus Farm Tour is a 2-in-1 tour that combines 2.5 hours of horseback riding with a 30-minute Sugarcane Tour led by local instructors who work at the farm. You will have a great sense of belonging to the Monteverde Equus family and experience a more authentic, less touristy side of Monteverde.

Wonderful Horseback Riding Experience at Equus Monteverde

The Monteverde Equus farm features a beautiful setting in the countryside of Monteverde. Situated on the outskirts of Monteverde, our horseback ride takes place around the farm through pastures, cattle, mountains, and coffee plantations.

You will surround yourself with nature with amazing views, overlooking three volcanoes (Miravalles, Tenorio, and Rincón de la Vieja) and the Gulf of Nicoya. The terrain and the countryside toured are terrific. You will be amazed by how fantastic the views are here. 

Aside from the astonishing views, you will also get to see some of the local flora and fauna. Our well-behaved horses know the route, so you can relax and take it all in.

Get a Feeling of the Country Life at Equus Monteverde 

Equus Monteverde is a family-run farm. You will get an authentic farm experience with us. The Sugarcane Tour is inside a small factory that produces sugarcane juice from sugarcane plants. Sugarcane juice converts into raw sugarcane candy. Raw sugarcane candy then becomes raw sugar and then white or regular sugar.

During the sugarcane tour, you will learn the initial phases of this process, where sugarcane plants produce juice, which becomes a typical Costa Rican candy called “Sobado.” You will have the opportunity to make and try your own Sobado. 

At Monteverde Equus, you will first go on a beautiful horseback ride through pastures, cattle, mountains, and coffee plantations. Then, you will visit the farm’s sugar cane mill, where the tour guide will explain the sugar production process in a rustic, traditional, and homely way. You will produce and try organic sugarcane juice and the typical Costa Rican sugar candy, “Sobado.” And then, you will finish the tour with a typical snack from the Equus farm. 

Excellent Tour Rates For What You Get at Equus Monteverde

The Monteverde Equus tour is $50 per person (locals and foreigners, aged 5 and above, and kids under seven can go with an adult sharing a horse paying for one person). The rate does not include taxes or transportation, which you can add for an additional fee when booking through our online reservation form.

Many people consider our tour a magical experience well underpriced for what you get. 

How to Get to Equus Monteverde 

The Monteverde Equus tour takes place at the Monteverde Equus Farm. You can arrange transportation for an extra fee. However, the recommendation is to drive to the farm directly whenever possible. Getting there with your vehicle can save you up to 90 minutes since the shuttles have to stop many times at multiple locations to pick up or drop off travelers.

Additional Information

The Monteverde Equus tour is suitable for ages 5+ except for people with disabilities, extreme weight excess, or pregnancy.

Equus Monteverde Tour Reviews

Unexpectedly Magical Monteverde Equus Tour

The Monteverde Equus Tour was the most unexpectedly fantastic experience of our entire two-week honeymoon! We thought it was just a cute way to watch a sunset, but it ended up being a great horseback ride through some of the most beautiful areas in the country. It was so green that it felt Photoshopped. I cannot recommend this enough.

– TripAdvisor
Best Horseback Ride Monteverde Equus Tour

Pablo and his father Rafael did a great job showing us around their tour and stable. The horse tour was terrific. My friends and I enjoyed going through beautiful scenery and learned how to ride a horse well. We went on the 3 pm tour, and it was great. The time was well worth it and ended with some sugar cane juice, snacks, and sweets.

– TripAdvisor
Horseback Riding Tour Monteverde Equus Tour

We booked the Monteverde Equus tour on the Equus farm, and we had the loveliest time! The guides were lovely and gave us a great tour through the mountains. The horses were adorable and very obedient. In the end, they showed us their sugarcane farm and how to make sugar. They even made us a nice snack. Highly recommend.

– TripAdvisor