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Explore The Forest At Night In Search For Noctural Animals With A Tour Guide At Kinkajou Night Walk


Adults 12+ years old
Students 13-17 years old
Children 5-11 years old
Nacionales Cualquier edad

The Kinkajou Night Walk tour is recommended to anyone who wants to see wildlife such as sloths, armadillos, porcupines, possums, coatis, olingos and kinkajous, as well as sleeping birds and a wide variety of insects, among others.

Animals in Monteverde Costa Rica are a lot more active and prominent during the night time, when they come out in search for food and shelter, so you will have a lot more chances to see them on a night walk tour.

Kinkajou is a local farm situated at the heart of a biological corridor. There are small fruit trees on the premises of the property where animals go to get food, and with the help of a tour guide and flashlights, you will have a good chance to spot them.

You will join a group of about 8-12 people and a local tour guide for a light 2-hour walk around the Kinkajou farm in search for the creatures of the night. Spots are limited, so you need to book in advance.


Best Walk in Monteverde Kinkajou Night Walk

Best thing we have done in Monteverde, guide was really nice and spotted loads of animals. Really great value for money, would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to see wildlife. Forrest is definitely more alive at night and was a real adventure!

– Monteverde Tours
Fun Night Walk Kinkajou Night Walk

It was a very cool experience! Our guide was super fun and made us laugh but also had amazing insight on the animals and Costa Rican life. We saw a tarantula, scorpion, toucan, a sloth, red eyed frog, and even a kinkajou running through the trees!

– Monteverde Tours
Great Night Walk Kinkajou Night Walk

Great night tour to see all the animals that come out at night.. Saw a Kinkajou,, Kinda like a racoon, with a prehensile tail moves like a cat through threes tops. very cool... We found frogs, spiders, millipedes, tarantulas, scorpion with our guide.

– Monteverde Tours

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