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Mistico Hanging Bridges

Top Rated Hanging Bridges Tour in Arenal Costa Rica


Adults 19+ Years Old
Teens 11-18 Years Old
Kids 6-10 Years Old
Infants 0-5 Years Old

Surround Yourself With Beautiful Nature at Mistico Hanging Bridges

Aerial View of Mistico Hanging Bridges

Located in the beautiful tropical rainforest near the Arenal Volcano national park, the Mistico Hanging Bridges tour is your best bet in terms of views of the tropical rainforest in Costa Rica.

You will immerse yourself in the real jungle, surrounded by nature in a fantastic natural sanctuary that features the best flora and fauna in the region. 

The astonishing beauty surrounding the Mistico Hanging Bridges Park will enable you to connect with nature deeply. Your soul will leave this beautiful piece of heaven so refreshed and revitalized that you’ll start to ponder when to come back.

Discover the Adventure Park with the Most Extensive Combination of Bridges and Trails in Costa Rica

Mistico Hanging Bridges Map

Mistico is the adventure park with the most extensive combination of bridges and nature trails in Costa Rica, featuring a course of 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) that includes nine regular (rigid) bridges, six hanging bridges, and a beautiful nature trail.  

Fifteen Bridges to Explore at Mistico Hanging Bridges


The Mistico Hanging Bridges park features an impressive collection of 15 bridges spread throughout its great nature fortress. The bridges come in all shapes and sizes, from regular rigid bridges to hanging bridges.

You will discover bridges as high as 45 meters (147 feet) above the ground and as long as 97 meters (318 feet), giving access to a unique vantage point above and beyond the canopy of the local tropical trees.

Experience Arenal at its Best on the Mistico Hanging Bridges Tour

A group of tourists with a tour guide at Mistico Hanging Bridges

Explore the Mistico Hanging Bridges with a local expert and experience the best of Arenal’s nature. Our professional tour guides will make sure you make the best out of your visit to Mistico Hanging Bridges, taking your trip to the next level. 

On the Mistico Hanging Bridges Tour, you will join a small group led by a local naturalist tour guide who knows the area exceptionally well. Your guide will help you spot wildlife and will give you loads of information about the history and the importance of the tropical rainforest in a light walk that will typically last about two and a half hours. 

Depending on the group’s pace, you will cover a distance of anywhere between 1.9 kilometers (1.2 miles) and 3.2 kilometers (2 miles). You will learn so much; you will feel the time fly.

Find and Photograph Wildlife in their Natural Environment at Mistico Hanging Bridges

A group of people watching a sloth from a bridge at Mistico Hanging Bridges

You will not only learn a lot from your tour guide at the Mistico Hanging Bridges Tour, but you will also have the opportunity to bring your camera and take amazing photos of your trip to keep memories of your adventure.

Your tour guide will show you the most impressive local flora and fauna, and he will provide instructions on when and how to use flash depending on the species you’re observing at a given moment.

Prices For Mistico Hanging Bridges Tour

The Mistico Hanging Bridges Tour is free for kids below six years old*, $14 for kids between six and ten years old, $30 for teens between twelve and eighteen, and $40 for adults above eighteen years old. The tour includes the entrance fee and the guided walk with a local naturalist guide.

*Note: Please note that only two kids below six years old will get a free entrance per family. For example, if your family has four kids below six years old, two will get free entry, and the other two will pay $14 each.

The Mistico Hanging Bridges tour takes 2.5 hours, and after the tour, you can continue to explore around until the park closes at 3:30 pm, which we highly recommend so you can get more value for your money. 

Overall, the Mistico Hanging Bridges tour provides you with the best vantage point to observe the beauty of Arenal’s tropical rainforest at all its levels and is suitable for people of all ages. The bridges are comprehensive and easy to manage. However, the Mistico Hanging Bridges tour is not ideal for people with extreme weight excess, pregnancy, or problems walking for extended periods. 

How to Get to Mistico Hanging Bridges

Once you make your online reservation, you will get an instant confirmation email with the Google Map to get to Mistico Hanging Bridges. Please note that the meeting point is approximately 30 minutes away from La Fortuna downtown, and we need you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the tour start time to check-in.

Mistico Hanging Bridges Transportation

If you don’t have a car, you can use our shuttle system to get to Mistico Hanging Bridges for an additional fee of $20 per person. We will pick you up at your Hotel/Airbnb between 30 and 60 minutes before the tour starts depending on the location of your lodge, and we will bring you back once you have finished your adventure with us.

When you’re making your online reservation, you can choose the option for transportation and type in your Hotel/Airbnb name and address. Please detail the address of your lodge as much as possible, so our staff can find you easily, which will allow us to start your Mistico Hanging Bridges tour on time.

Book Now With Flexible Cancelation

We understand that covid19 has changed the entire travel business. With the uncertainty of what the future holds each day with the pandemic, tour companies need to offer flexibility at the time of booking.

Book Now, and rest assured knowing you have up to 24 hours before the day of your activity to cancel and get a full refund. Spots are limited, and we only work with reservations, so we encourage you to take advantage of our flexible cancelation policy to get your tickets today.

Note: We only operate the Mistico Hanging Bridges tour with reservations. Please use the “Book Now” button to get your tickets and secure your spots. You can find this button is at the right-hand side of your screen if you are on a desktop computer or at the bottom of the page if you are on a mobile device.

Mistico Hanging Bridges Tour Language

The Mistico Hanging Bridges Tour’s default language is English. Spanish is the second language for this tour. However, we do our best to accommodate French speakers whenever French-speaking tour guides are available.

If you speak French, we recommend you book in advance as far ahead as possible so that we can line you up with a French-speaking group.

93% of Travelers Recommend Mistico Hanging Bridges

At Mistico Hanging Bridges, we take pride in delivering fantastic customer experiences. We’re highly rated online with more than 3,000 reviews on TripAdvisor and over 5,000 reviews on Google, and our customer’s approval rate is just as high, with 93% of our customers saying they would recommend us.

People often tell us that our Mistico Hanging Bridges tour is the best in the country and that the value for money is fantastic. Our customers also love us because the nature surrounding our facilities is out of this world, enabling you to connect with nature intimately.

Another reason people our Mistico Hanging Bridges tour is the vast wildlife in our forest. While there is no guarantee of how much nature we will see at a given time, we often hear our customers say they saw more wildlife at our facilities than in any other adventure park in the country.

Below are some of the comments people say about our Mistico Hanging Bridges tour.

Mistico Hanging Bridges Reviews

Amazing Experience Mistico Hanging Bridges Tour

You should make a reservation in advance. Our tour guide was Luis, and he was terrific! He had a telephoto scope that allowed you to take pictures. We saw howler monkeys and multiple birds, coatimundi, a lizard, a snake, and a bat.

– TripAdvisor
Terrific Hike and Views Mistico Hanging Bridges Tour

The hike through the rainforest is absolutely beautiful, and there was a lot of wildlife that we saw in their natural habitat. And while there are 15-16 bridges along the 3.2 km hike, the six hanging bridges and the views they offered were spectacular.

– TripAdvisor
Nice Tour with a Guide Mistico Hanging Bridges Tour

Mistico Hanging Bridges is an incredible forest tour with a guide who can point out interesting things about the vegetation and ecosystem and help spot animals. You’ll most likely miss the small details if you go by yourself.

– TripAdvisor