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Adventure Tours

Zip Lines, Canopy Tours, Waterfalls, Tarzan Swings, Superman Cables and other Adventures in Monteverde

Adventure Tours in Monteverde Costa Rica

Monteverde is a destination full of adventure where you can come to get your thrills. You can soar through the cloud forest on a zip line tour, walk along suspension bridges high in the trees on a canopy tour, bungee jump off a 143-meter tram, make your way to visit beautiful waterfalls, swing like Tarzan, or fly like superman! 

There are many parks with lots of options to choose from, and browsing through all of them can be overwhelming and discouraging, so we have hand-picked the best of the best adventure tours in the area for you.

Check real-time availability and book your tours below to secure your spots. 

Adventure Tours TripAdvisor Reviews

Wonderful Time! Extremo Bungee Jump

I loved Kenneth and Lenny, who were our guides for our first time bungee jumping! They made us feel very safe (seeing them check each of the hooks was very reassuring) and were super encouraging- I hesitated on my jump, and Kenneth talked me through it, especially waiting out the wind.

– TripAdvisor
El Tigre Waterfalls El Tigre Waterfalls

This tour was the best part of a trip to Costa Rica. Our guide was Erick, and he did a great job explaining things and answering questions. He also took some great photos for us. This place had a great combo tour with hiking, waterfalls, bridges, and horseback riding. I highly recommend it!

– TripAdvisor
Hanging Bridges Sky Walk Monteverde

The degree you can enjoy this adventure depends highly on the weather. And the day you plan for it if you want to see the volcano in Arenal and the lake on the opposite side and as far as the human eye can see and register the green forest, the blue sky and the white patches of cloud in the distance.

– Reviewed by Vacationer471654
Great Hike Selvatura Canopy Walkways

After my husband and daughter finished zip lining, our 2-year-old and I met them to hike the hanging bridges trail at Selvatura Park. We did this on our own, without a tour guide. The trail is well maintained, and the bridges are too. Still, it’s nerve-wracking walking across them. I highly recommend it.

– TripAdvisor
Superman Zipline 100% Aventura Canopy Tour

We were in Monteverde March-end 2020 and decided to visit 100% Aventura Park due to the two unique rides. They have the Superman zip-line and the Tarzan swing. There are many canopy zip-line offered in Monteverde, but this place stood out due to the adrenaline rush of these two rides. Recommend it.

– TripAdvisor
BEST Zip Lines! Extremo Canopy Tour

We had a clear, sunny day, excellent zip lines, and incredible views, including the Pacific coastline. Some of the most extended zip lines I have ever experienced, and the staff was very efficient. The only downside is having to "brake" on some lines, but flying like "Superman" is a must-do experience.

– TripAdvisor
Amazing Experience Selvatura Canopy Tour

We had a fantastic time doing the ziplining tour. Everything was so efficient and organized, and everyone was so friendly. The views were spectacular, and it was an impressively long tour. I think there were 13ish ziplines total. This ziplining tour was the absolute highlight of my trip to Costa Rica.

– TripAdvisor
Excellent Experience Sky Trek Monteverde

I had a great morning on the zip wires. Heavy wind and rain at the top made it a bit of a hairy experience at the start. The weather cleared up as we made our way down. There are good instructions, simple for anyone, sky trams up, six zip lines down with a bungee type jump (totally safe), or rappel down.

– TripAdvisor