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Adult 18+ years old
Student 13-17 years old
Child 4-12 years old
Local All Ages

Experience The Best Views of Monteverde

Selvatura is the only adventure park that is fully built inside the cloud forest, so here you get the best views in the Monteverde area.

Located in the beautiful cloud forest near the Santa Elena Reserve, the Selvatura hanging bridges (also referred to as “Treetop Walkways Suspension Bridges” or “Canopy Walkways”) are your best bet in terms of views of the Monteverde Cloud Forest. 

There are also a few benches on the well maintained, fairly easy trail, and the Selvatura Hanging Bridges can also be done with a guide or on your own. These and other factors make this a good choice for older folks and people who might not want to walk as much.

On this tour, you will hike through lush cloud forest on trails with 8 bridges of different seizes and heights that offer close looks into the canopy.  This tour might not come with the adrenaline rush of a zipline and at this altitude you will probably not see much wildlife but it will provide a unique glimpse into the canopy of cloud forest and it will also give you a chance for breathing some of the purest air on earth.

All in all this is tour provides you the best vantage point to observe the beauty of the cloud forest in all its levels.

This tour is suitable for people of all ages. The 8 bridges are wide and easy to manage, though it is not recommended for people with extreme weight excess or pregnancy.

Recent Online Reviews

Maybe the best hike of my entire life Selvatura Hanging Bridges

This is an almost unfathomably beautiful hike through the cloud forest. The hanging bridges offer a surreal experience and astonishing views of the jungle and the continental divide. They're a little spooky too. You are up HIGH. And the bridges wiggle. If you have intense vertigo, it might be a challenge. But if you can get yourself to do it, DO IT.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Great Views from Hanging Bridges Selvatura Hanging Bridges

The suspended bridges were great. Even though we also went to the Monteverde Cloud Forest, I am glad we did this park as well, because the Cloud Forest only has 1 bridge, where this had about 8.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Hanging bridges tour Selvatura Hanging Bridges

There were 8 bridges, great views and able to spot tropical birds. Each bridge varies in length and height and we walked without a guide as it is very straightforward.

– Alicia (TripAdvisor)
Immersed in Nature Among Hanging Bridges Selvatura Hanging Bridges

I looked at a couple of options for Hanging Bridges & locals & tourists alike highly recommended Selvatura Park for great reason! I loved the 8 bridges ranging up to 500+ feet & the shuttle right on time & the magical walk through the cloud reserve! I also saw a monkey on my 2nd bridge!!! Spent 2+ hours enjoying every second!!

– Katrina (TripAdvisor)
A must visit place in Costa Rica Selvatura Hanging Bridges

A must try. We went early so saw hummingbird garden while no one was there. We did zip lining. Superman is a must. Do it. You’ll thank me later. After that we went hiking to the view spot and it was sooooo worth it. The clouds over the jungle and mountains and view from there is amazing. Hanging brides were also beautiful. The views are breathtaking. I found waterfall very ok but again I have seen manyyyy waterfalls. But overall I definitely recommend this.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Walking bridges worth visiting Selvatura Hanging Bridges

My husband was 10 weeks out from a total knee surgery, and so we really debated about doing this. And yet we really wanted to walk the hanging bridges. It was 3 km around and a bit much, but we enjoyed every minute. It was during COVID and so we had the entire place to ourselves! The forest was lush and green and so amazing. We didn't see any animals but the experience was still good.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Highlight of our Costa Rican Experience Selvatura Hanging Bridges

This was our favorite excursion of the whole trip! The vantage point provided by walking above the cloud forest is unbeatable and truly a once in a lifetime experience. Selvatura has 8 suspended bridges of various lengths that take you in a loop through the park and provide an up close view of the gorgeous vegetation and wildlife in the region.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)