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Discover up to 20 Species of Sleeping Birds at El Bosque Night Tour


Adults 12+ years old
Kids 5 to 11
Nacionales All ages

El Bosque Night Tour is a guided tour in the forest at night with flashlights and a tour guide to help you spot sleeping birds and other animals. This is the only night tour in Monteverde that focuses primarily on birdwatching to see up to 20 species of sleeping birds.

First, you will start with a small introduction where you will be assigned a local tour guide.

Next, you will walk around the open areas of the property where the forest is lower. This is where you will spend about an hour finding birds sleeping in trees.

Then, you will enter the property’s nature trail system to explore and learn about this preservation area. This is where you will find a few more birds as well as some of the coolest insects (like walking sticks, tarantulas, and leafcutter ants), rare mammals (like porcupines, opossums, and olingos), and depending on the weather condition, you might even spot snakes and frogs all in their natural habitat. 

Finally, you will head back to reception to wrap things up. 

El Bosque Night Tour Prices

Don Rodolfo Night Tour is $20 for residents (all ages), $15 for foreign kids (5-11 years old), and $25 for foreign adults (12 and up). These rates do not include taxes or transportation. 

Note For Solo Travelers: We need at least two customers to operate this tour. If you are a solo traveler and there is no one else on tour, we will need to charge your card the equivalent of 2 people.



Amazing Tour El Bosque Night Tour

I had the absolute best time on my night tour at El Bosque. Dio was really friendly and so knowledgeable about the animals, plants, and history of the area. I learned so much and saw so many different birds, mammals, and interesting bugs. He had the wherewithal to ask about any phobias that I had as we were starting the trip.

– TripAdvisor
Delightful Tour Guide El Bosque Night Tour

Our guide was able to spot insects and small animals that we would have certainly missed. She was wonderful with the grandchildren and did not exclude them from the conversation. We enjoyed a starry night with our guide taking us to a spectacular viewing spot near a huge anthill.

– TripAdvisor
Creatures Of The Night! El Bosque Night Tour

We did a night tour with El Bosque. There are a series of private reserves that are interconnected that form a protected corridor for birds and animals in the area. Our guide was a bird expert and was able to show us many roosting birds, from parrots to motmots. We saw tarantulas, a nine banded armadillo, trap door spiders and much, much more.

– TripAdvisor
Rainy And Wonderful El Bosque Night Tour

Not deterred by the weather or that there were only two of us, Roiner guided us through the forest to see the end of the diurnal birds' day and the beginning of evening and then night on the trails of this remarkable place. Small group means small group! Anything we spotted he secured with a picture through his scope in case the bird flew away or we could not see well enough with our own eyes.

– TripAdvisor
Intimate And Educational El Bosque Night Tour

This night tour was recommended to us by our host, Ana, and we couldn’t be happier that she set it up for us. This company is truly passionate about the forest and the animals that reside in the forest. This was reflected in the very small group size along with being the only tour out there at 1 time. It was an intimate setting and our tour guide Royner was so knowledgeable about the wildlife.

– TripAdvisor
Great Night Tour El Bosque Night Tour

The night walk was through the extensive trails on the grounds of Hotel El Bosque. Our guide was knowledgeable and excellent at spotting many animals. A night hike was an important part of our trip to Costa Rica as the animals that are active at night are very different. We would highly recommend this activity

– TripAdvisor
Night tour El Bosque Night Tour

We had a very windy night so there wasn’t much to see in trees but our guide still found pretty cool birds for us to watch while they were sleeping. We also saw a lot of bugs which the kids found pretty cool! All in all, it was fun and a good experience.

– TripAdvisor
Pretty Good Overall El Bosque Night Tour

Our tour guide, Deo, is pretty knowledgeable about plants, flowers, and wild animals. It's a small group, including my husband and I, plus another couple. We were able to see some birds, insects very closely and a coati. We had a good time on the night trip.

– TripAdvisor

About El Bosque

El Bosque Nature Preserve is a 10 hectares (23 acres) property with a combination of primary, secondary forest, open areas, and fruit trees which attract some of the local wildlife, especially bids.

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