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Shared Shuttle from Manuel Antonio to Monteverde


Solo Travelers 11+ Years Old
Adults Two or More Adults 11+
Kids 10 years old and under

Travel Safely and Efficiently From Manuel Antonio to Monteverde

Our Shared Shuttle, also called Group Shuttle, is an affordable transportation service that takes you from your lodging in Manuel Antonio to your accommodation in Monteverde while sharing the cost with other travelers.

Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Shared Shuttle Duration

The Manuel Antonio to San Jose Shared Shuttle takes between 4 and 4.5 hours. 

Your shuttle will pick up you and other fellow travelers from hotels in Manuel Antonio, and you will go on a 4.5-hour ride to your destination in Monteverde. 

This duration includes a 20-minute stop approximately halfway through, so you can stretch, grab a snack or use the restrooms. 

Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Shared Shuttle Departure Times

The Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Shared Shuttle runs once a day, departing from Manuel Antonio at 1:30 PM and picking you up at your lodge between 1:30 PM and 2:30 PM*. 

Since the Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Shuttle is a door-to-door transportation service, we will pick you up directly at your accommodation as long as they are within a reasonable distance inside the Manuel Antonio perimeter. 

Note: The precise pickup time at your location will depend on the number of travelers we need to bring on board from other hotels nearby, and that is why we provide a range of pickup times instead of a specific time.

After you book online, we will send you an instant confirmation email. Then, we will send you a follow-up notification email indicating a more specific pickup time at your location once we’ve organized the logistics for that day. You will get that follow-up notification at least 12 hours before your pickup time. 

Our driver will do his best to be at your location at your assigned pickup time when the day comes. However, given the nature and unpredictable traffic conditions, we might get there earlier or later. Therefore, we recommend you’re ready and outside* at least 10 minutes before your assigned pickup time. 

*Note: Some accommodations allow our drivers to come in, whereas others will restrict access. Therefore, we recommend you speak to your accommodation’s receptionist or host and ask where shared shuttles typically pick up their customers. 

If we are late, we will try to get in touch with you. However, sometimes, our driver might need a signal to call our offices, and we might need to know whether he’s late. Therefore, we won’t be able to let you know. Thus, we recommend that you keep your confirmation email handy, which has the contact information for our office (office number, WhatsApp contact, and email address) so that you can get in touch if it’s been more than 10 minutes and we haven’t picked you up. 

Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Shared Shuttle Arrival Times

The Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Shared Shuttle arrives at Monteverde at around 5 PM. 

Since the Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Shuttle is a door-to-door transportation service, we will drop you off at your accommodation as long as they are within a reasonable distance between Monteverde’s perimeter.

Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Shared Shuttle Pickup at Airbnbs

Airbnb is technically illegal in Costa Rica. Therefore, we can only pick up at most Airbnb accommodations if they’re close to a Hotel or Restaurant. Please keep this in mind when you make your online reservation and use Google Maps to identify a nearby Google landmark you can use as the pickup place on your online reservation form.  

Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Shared Shuttle Dropoff at Airbnbs

As explained above, Shared Shuttles typically can’t drop off our customers at Airbnb accommodations, so if you’re staying in an Airbnb, please assign a Google Landmark of a Hotel or Restaurant close to your Airbnb. 

Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Shared Shuttle Prices

The Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Shared Shuttle offers an affordable transportation solution for travelers heading from Manuel Antonio to Monteverde.

The price for the Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Shared Shuttle generally starts at $39 for kids under 12 years old and $57 for adults. However, these figures only provide an idea of the price range, but the prices may vary based on factors such as the date of travel or the availability of seats. To see availability and prices for a specific date, please click “BOOK NOW” and choose your date from the calendar. 

What the Shared Shuttle Ticket Price Includes

Your ticket includes a one-way ride, a piece of luggage, and a carry-on. Your carry-on will travel inside the shuttle, while your luggage will be in the shuttle’s designated area for luggage. 

Extra items: For additional luggage or a surfboard (up to 6 feet long max), the extra charge is $20 apiece. You must use the “comments” section on your online reservation form if you have to carry one of these items. Describe what kind of these items you have and how many, and we will automatically charge your card on file for the extra fee. 

Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Shared Shuttle Capacity

The Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Shared Shuttle has a limited capacity depending on the shuttle seize. We have small shuttles that fit up to six passengers, medium-seized that fit up to ten, and large that fit up to eighteen. 

Even though we typically have multiple shuttles running daily, we require that you make reservations as far in advance as possible because we tend to sell out, especially during summertime, from December through April. Thus it’s vitally important that you book ahead. We have a flexible cancelation policy, so there is no risk to you (learn more about it below). 

We typically sell out one or two days in advance. If you’re trying to book for today or tomorrow and you see a “lock” symbol on the calendar, it means we’re selling out, but you may call us to check availability. If we can accommodate you, we will ask for your email to send you a payment link. Once you make the payment, we will confirm your reservation. The link will expire in 10 minutes, and we will hold your spots during that time so that you can pay. After the 10 minutes pass, we will cancel the link and allow booking those last seats to someone else.

On the other hand, if you see our calendar greyed out for a given day, we’re full and can’t accommodate you. Even though we could add more seats to our vans, we prefer to travel with the correct number of customers as we prioritize their comfort and safety. 

Why Book Your Shared Shuttle with us? 

We’re aware that some of our competitors charge less for this trip. However, we take pride in giving more value to our services. For example, we use modern vans equipped with WiFi, A/C, comfortable seats, and more. 

Modern Vans, Equipped with WiFi, A/C, and Enough Room

We offer modern Vans equipped with WiFi and A/C. And we removed some of the seats that came with the van when we bought it to ensure passengers have enough room to travel comfortably. 

Our competitors typically use smaller vans at total capacity driving more profits at the expense of travelers’ comfort. They might charge you a bit less, but at what cost? 

Easy Online Reservation with Instant Confirmation 

Some of our competitors use tricks to make customers pay more. For example, they will ask you to pay cash to the driver when he picks you up. And when they arrive, they ask for more money, or they won’t take you. 

We discourage and disapprove of that behavior. And that’s why we have a simple online reservation system where you can safely book your seat and get instant confirmation, which will relieve you, knowing that the price is transparent and that your reservation is all set. 

Pay Online Using a Debit or Credit Card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay

Another reason some of our competitors ask you to pay in cash is to avoid their due diligence with our government, which has no way to tax those transactions. “Paper money” leaves no tracks, so there is no traceability to hold those accountable for paying the taxes they’re avoiding. 

We absolutely, categorically disapprove of that approach. On the contrary, we’re in line with all due taxes to help support our government to create a better country for our descendants and a better destination for future generations of travelers. That’s why we don’t take cash, only online payments, which the tax offices regulate. 

Online payments also give you convenience. You will also be safer since it’s generally a bad idea to be a foreigner walking around the streets with cash in their pockets. Sure, you might save some money, but at what cost? Leave your cash to tip tour guides, drivers, and waitpeople. 

Furthermore, if you’re hoping to contact us to get a better deal by “paying cash,” please save yourself some time and don’t bother. We want to work with you on something other than those terms. It’s about values and integrity. 

FREE 24-Hour Cancelation

We know that things get in the way, and sometimes our travel plans need to change. And that’s why we offer a flexible, 24-hour cancelation policy so that you can book ahead, knowing you can cancel later without a penalty. 

As long as you cancel on time (24 hours before your travel date*), you can quickly go back to your email confirmation and cancel directly from there without having to speak to anyone or give any explanations. Click on the “Cancel this booking” on time, and you will automatically get a full refund. 

*Example: If your travel date is on February 28 at 8 AM, you should cancel before February 27 at 0:00 AM.

Shared Shuttle From Manuel Antonio to Monteverde Reviews

Shuttle to Monteverde Group Shuttle From Manuel Antonio to Monteverde

Traveling from Manuel Antonio to Monteverde was very easy. I booked online via El Bosque Monteverde, and they picked me up in San Jose and took me to Monteverde in about 4 hours. We stopped along the way to use the restrooms. Highly recommend it.

– TripAdvisor
Excellent Shuttle! Group Shuttle From Manuel Antonio to Monteverde

The shuttle picked me up at Mango Hotel nearby Manuel Antonio, at around 2 pm, and I arrived in Monteverde before 6 pm. I did not have to worry about renting a car and driving on the narrow and crazy road to Monteverde. I highly recommend it.

– TripAdvisor
Affordable Transportation Group Shuttle From Manuel Antonio to Monteverde

Traveling from Manuel Antonio to Monteverde on a shuttle is the best way. I made a mistake and came into Manuel Antonio via the San Jose Public Bus. It was hot, hectic, busy, noisy, and not clean. Don't use the bus unless you can't afford the shuttle.

– TripAdvisor