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Curi Cancha Birdwatching Tour

Monteverde's Birding Paradise


Solo Traveler

Birdwatching Paradise

For bird enthusiasts, Curi Cancha is a dream come true. With over 200 species of birds identified within the reserve, it’s no wonder that avid birdwatchers flock here worldwide. The elusive resplendent quetzal, its vibrant plumage, and distinctive tail feathers are a sought-after sighting among visitors. Other notable bird species include the three-wattled bellbird, emerald toucanet, and black-faced solitaire. Even though you may pay an entrance fee to explore this reserve alone, I recommend going on the Curi Cancha Guided Birdwatching Tour instead.

With years of experience and the appropriate equipment, local tour guides offer you a higher chance of spotting these feathered wonders and learning about their behaviors and habitats.

The Curi Cancha Birdwatching Tour is a highly specialized, 5-hour birding tour. The experience starts at 6 AM at CASEM, a hotspot for birdwatching in Monteverde. Here, you will see a wide variety of birds on the open roads of Monteverde with the help of our professional, certified local guide. Then, you can have breakfast (not included) at Stella’s Bakery, another hotspot for good birding in the area.

Next, we will return in our vehicles and head to Curi Cancha Reserve to explore the best trails for birding for another three or so hours, for a total of 5 good hours of birding with the help of a knowledgeable and well-equipped expert.

This experience is only for adults (12+), and the price starts at $125 per person, including the tour guide fees and the entrance fee to Curi Cancha Reserve. As an extra, you may purchase breakfast, pastry, or hot drinks at Stella’s Bakery before we enter the reserve.

This experience is among the most prestigious and exclusive in the area, so the groups are usually tiny (four to six people total). Therefore, if you’re a serious birder, you should consider booking your tour a few days in advance to secure your spot.

Customer Testimonials

So Many Birds Birdwatching Tour

Our birdwatching tour was an outstanding experience as we saw the Resplendent Quetzal and many other birds here! We had an excellent tour guide who passionately explained exciting facts about all the birds.

– Phil Gaillard
Great Birding Experience Birdwatching Tour

We went on this tour mainly to spot the Quetzal, and our guide took us to the avocado tree near the open gardens, where we saw a few male Quetzals flying around. It was amazing. I highly recommend it.

– Keira Gaynor
Amazing Birding Day Birdwatching Tour

We booked a Private VIP Tour to explore the surroundings and the inside of this fantastic wildlife reserve. Our tour guide collaborated closely with other guides in real time to help us find many birds.

– Gary Schimek
200% Recommended Tour Birdwatching Tour

We had the best guide; he was passionate and knew so much. He could imitate the sound of lots of birds, which is impressive. He made us love birds even more than we already did, and we found tons of them. Do it.

– Charline Li
Excellent Private Tour Birdwatching Tour

We had the most excellent birdwatching private tour! Our guide showed us over 30 different species of birds and captured beautiful videos and photos using my phone with his scope. We learned so much. Thank you!

– Becky Johnson