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Curi Cancha Nocturnal Tour

Monteverde's Nighttime Magic


Solo Traveler One Person
Adults Ages 12+
Kids Ages 6-11

Nighttime Magic

One of the most enchanting experiences Curi Cancha offers is its nocturnal tour. As the sun sets and the forest transforms, a new cast of creatures takes center stage. Guided night tours allow visitors to witness the vibrant nightlife of the rainforest, from the haunting calls of nocturnal birds to the mesmerizing bioluminescence of insects. It’s a chance to see the forest in a different light – or lack thereof – and gain a deeper appreciation for the mysteries that unfold after dark.

The Curi Cancha Night Tour is a 2-hour wildlife tour along Curi Cancha’s trails with the specific objective of encountering animals along the way. Most animals in Monteverde are nocturnal. They come out at night when the forest is quieter and significantly fewer humans wander around. Some come out to haunt, while others come out to find shelter. Both of these scenarios provide an opportunity for the keen eye of a local tour guide to spot them. Our guide will help you see those animals and allow you to take photos by connecting your smartphone to his HD spotting scope.

The experience starts at 5:30 PM at Curi Cancha and is suitable for kids 6+ and adults. The price starts at $45 for kids and adults, including the tour guide fees, the entrance fee to Curi Cancha Reserve, and the use of flashlights (so you don’t have to bring one). The Curi Cancha Night Tour has limited spots, so we encourage you to book yours in advance.

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Night Tour Nocturnal Tour

Our guide provided an excellent night tour. Our small group saw owls, a Pit Viper snake, a two-toed sloth, lots of Brown Jays, spiders, and a sleeping Toucan. His night scope allowed us to capture amazing photos and videos with our phones!

– Stephen Kinstler
Bad Weather, Great Tour Nocturnal Tour

I did a night tour and saw a fair number of animals, including a two-toed sloth, among other things. The guide was amiable. Unfortunately, we had terrible weather, and I imagine if the weather was better, we would have seen a lot more.

– Neri Mou
Highly Recommended Night Tour

We highly enjoyed the guided night tour! We saw multiple birds (including two toucans!), a tarantula, a scorpion, a kinkajou, and an armadillo! Plus, walking around at night in a rainforest (with a guide) is pretty awesome in and of itself.

– Haley Cramer
Great Night Tour Night Tour

I had a great night tour here! It was a windy and rainy January night, and no one else showed up for our time, so it was just two of us and our guide. We booked the day before online and were happy we didn't cancel due to the weather.

– Bryn Sexton
Loved Our Night Tour Night Tour

We loved our night tour here! Our guide was passionate about his work and showed us many things we weren't expecting. I recommend arriving with zero "must-see" animals in mind and enjoying the experience of seeing the rainforest at night!

– Andrea Damico