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El Tigre Waterfalls

Amazing Self-Guided Hike Through Lush Tropical Forest To Reach The Most Impressive WaterFalls in Monteverde


Adults 18+ years old
Children 5-17 years old


First, you will start at El Tigre Waterfalls reception, where the staff will provide you with instructions and a map to enter a 5 km (3.1 miles) nature trail that leads to the waterfalls.

Next, you will use the map to follow the well-marked trail that includes a couple hammock bridges surrounded by beautiful scenery, and after you reach the end of the trail, the staff will be waiting for you to take you back to reception on a horseback ride.

Finally, you will finish the tour with a delicious home-cooked lunch served by the staff at the main building.


Every Step Is Picture Perfect El Tigre Waterfalls

Monteverde is the 3rd region we’ve visited during our vacation. This was hands down, our family favorite activity. The hike was beautiful and it had the perfect amount of hike and walk. Not exhausting but you get a session good enough that you don’t feel guilty about the incredible lunch they’ll present at the end.

– TripAdvisor
A Great Few Hours El Tigre Waterfalls

This is a combo of a hike, waterfall views, horseback ride, and local lunch. The hike itself wasn’t particularly taxing as most of it is downhill, as long as you choose to take the horses or 4x4 back up the hill. While not the ‘coolest thing’ we did in Costa Rica, it was a very enjoyable way for us to spend a few hours, and felt like a good value for all that was included.

– TripAdvisor
Excellent Hike! El Tigre Waterfalls

Great hike through a lush, beautiful forest. Steeply down at first, then along a river, and past several striking waterfalls. You cross the river repeatedly on casual-looking but sturdy bridges, some a bit high, so not a good choice for someone who is afraid of heights. I suggest you accept the option to ride a horse the final bit of the trail, it's steep.

– TripAdvisor
You Will Love This El Tigre Waterfalls

This is a must do if you are in good physical condition. The trail is about 8 km. It is well marked and slightly rugged. My daughter and I hiked it in closed toe water/trail shoes and my husband wore hiking boots. There are some small areas where shoes get wet. There are 4 large waterfalls, numerous small waterfalls and hanging bridges.

– TripAdvisor
Amazing Experience El Tigre Waterfalls

We went last weekend on a trip to Monteverde and this is a must if you are visiting this beautiful place. If you like to walk and want to have a great experience with nature, water, and some mud this is a great tour, is not a heavy one. They offered the option "All-Inclusive" tour with lunch and you can return ridding a horse or in a 4x4, we choose to return in 4x4.

– TripAdvisor
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