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Sky Tram Arenal: Experience a beautiful ride above with amazing views to the volcano


Adults 18+ years old
Students 12-17 with an student ID
Children 6-11 years old
Residents All Ages

Sky Tram Arenal’s Description

Sky Tram Arenal is a 40-minute ride above the canopy of the trees on an aerial gondola that leads to a huge platform with multiple viewpoints, including the famous Arenal’s hand lookout. On this ride, you will enjoy the best views of the Arenal area, including Arenal’s lake and volcano. 

Sky Tram Arenal’s experience is unique and is a great option to explore the Arenal rainforest, especially for families with babies or very young kids and people who can’t walk. 

Sky Tram Arenal TripAdvisor Reviews

Sky Tram Arenal Sky Tram Arenal

Our family of five (including three teens) did the hike through the rainforest, tram ride, and zip line experience. It was amazing.

– TripAdvisor
Excellent Experience Sky Tram Arenal

The tram ride to the top of the mountain was very smooth and had great views of the volcano and lake. We had excellent weather and were able to see the volcano peak very clearly.

– TripAdvisor
Pricey but Beautiful Sky Tram Arenal

We did the Sky Tram on a rainy and windy day. The tram ride up was very windy and thrilling, and the view was beautiful. It was pricey but beautiful. All in all, we had a great day here!

– TripAdvisor

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