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Best Ziplining Tours in Monteverde

A man doing ziplines in Monteverde Costa Rica

Several companies offer zipline experiences in Monteverde, Costa Rica. If you search on the web for “best zipline in Monteverde,” you will come across several ads from those zipline companies saying that their zipline is the best, but if they all say they are the best, then who is?

Since this is one of the most frequently asked questions I get, I dove deep into the topic and developed my study to help bring light to this question. I analyzed over 5,000 online customer reviews, came up with a list of the top five best ziplines in Monteverde, and compiled my observations on this article. I also did these tours myself (several times), so I will use both anecdotal data and market research data to answer your questions.

But first, let me clarify that Monteverde has multiple ziplines, which locals refer to as “canopy tours.”

Monteverde Has Multiple Parks That Offer Zipline Tours

Monteverde has more than one zipline, which locals refer to as “canopy tours.” These zipline canopy tours take place on different sites (adventure parks) located throughout the Monteverde region. Zipline canopy tours at these parks typically include a course with multiple zip lines that usually takes between 2 and 2.5 hours.

Note: Locals don’t use the term “zipline” in Monteverde. Instead, we use “canopy” to refer to a zipline tour.

For this article, a zipline is considered an entire zipline tour, and I will use the words “canopy” and “zipline” interchangeably.

With this clarification out of the way, let’s begin:  

The following are the best zipline tours in Monteverde, Costa Rica: 

  • Sky Trek Zipline
  • 100% Aventura Zipline
  • Monteverde Extremo Zipline
  • Selvatura Park Zipline
  • Original Canopy Zipline

Keep scrolling for more information as I break down the pros and cons of each zipline tour company to determine which one is best for you. Let’s dive in: 

1) Sky Trek Monteverde: 7 Ziplines + Gondola Ride + Vertigo Drop 

The first option is the Sky Trek Zipline Canopy Tour by Sky Adventures, which I recommend based on their top-notch security protocol. Sky Trek Monteverde features the fastest ziplines, reaching speeds of up to 64km/h. It also features the safest ziplines, using an automatic “no hands” breaking system -especially recommended for kids.

Sky Adventures is strategically situated at 1,400 meters above sea level, offering fantastic views over the canopy of the cloud forest. Sky Trek Monteverde requires minimal walking. You will mainly spend your time ziplining from platform to platform. This tour also includes a beautiful ride on an aerial tram to reach the first platform.

The Sky Trek Monteverde zipline tour takes 2.5 hours, and it includes 7 zip lines from 100-meter (300 feet) to 750-meter (2,500 feet) each and an optional Vertigo Drop (like a Bungee Jump). 

Sky Trek Monteverde Summary (Pros and Cons)

  • Best Zipline Tour in Monteverde for Families with Young Children. 
  • Suitable for ages five and up, but they must be 1.22 cm tall (48″). 
  • Safest Ziplines in Costa Rica with an Automatic Braking System.
  • Easygoing “Platform to Platform” Zipline with Minimal Walking. 
  • It’s the Most Expensive Zipline Tour in Monteverde (Adults: $84, Kids: $58). 
  • It includes Seven Ziplines, a Gondola Ride, and a Vertigo Drop. 
  • It does not have a Superman-style Zipline. 
  • It’s relatively short compared to the other ziplines in Monteverde
  • It does not include Transportation (You can add it for $10pp). 
  • Link to Book: Sky Trek Monteverde

For more detailed information on Sky Trek Monteverde, please visit my article “Detailed Review of Sky Trek Monteverde (Pros and Cons).”

2) 100% Aventura Canopy Tour: 9 Ziplines + Hammock Bridge + Superman Line + Tarzan Swing 

The next option is the 100% Aventura Zipline Canopy Tour by 100% Aventura, situated on a reforested area of the cloud forest. The views here are not that great because the forest is secondary, making the scenery more rustic. However, their ziplining course is enjoyable.

This zipline tour takes 2 hours, and it includes ten zip lines (including the longest zipline in all Latin America, a 1,500-meter cable that you can do in the superman style). It also consists of a hammock bridge, a Tarzan swing, and a hike before the final zipline. You break with gloved hands. 

Considering everything that this zipline course includes, this zipline tour is probably the best bang for your buck. You will need an excellent physical condition to perform all the activities.

100% Aventura Summary (Pros and Cons)

  • Best Zipline Tour in Monteverde for Families with Teenagers. 
  • Suitable for ages six and up, but more appropriate for Teens.
  • It requires a Significant Amount of Walking.
  • Among the Most Affordable Ziplines in Monteverde (Adults: $50, Kids: $41). 
  • It includes 10 Ziplines (including a Superman-style Zipline). 
  • It also consists of a Hammock Bridge and a Tarzan Swing. 
  • It includes Transportation from/to your hotel/lodge. 
  • It features the Longest Single Zipline in Costa Rica (1.6 km – 1 mi).
  • It’s considered Monteverde’s “Best Bang For Your Buck” Zipline Tour.
  • The forest is secondary, so the views are not great.
  • You must apply brakes with your hand, which can be tricky/risky. 
  • Link to Book: 100% Aventura Canopy Tour

3) Monteverde Extremo Canopy: 14 Ziplines + 2 Superman Lines + Tarzan Swing 

The third option is the Extremo Zipline Canopy Tour by Monteverde Extremo Park. This park is a bit far from the other parks, situated in the tropical rainforest, with different views and vegetation than the cloud forest.

Monteverde Extremo is the most extreme park in the area. This zipline tour takes 2 hours, and it features the longest zipline course in the country (4,330 meters or 2.7 miles in total), with 16 ziplines (including two superman ziplines -one of which goes through a tunnel). You break with gloved hands.

There is a good deal of walking on this tour, making it rather intense and meant for folks who are more physically fit and in search of the most thrilling zipline experience. This tour is not the best option for kids. 

Monteverde Extremo Summary (Pros and Cons)

  • Best Zipline Tour in Monteverde for Young Adults. 
  • Not recommended for Young Kids.
  • It requires a Good Amount of Walking.
  • Among the Most Affordable Ziplines in Monteverde (Adults: $50, Kids: $30). 
  • It includes 16 Ziplines (including 2 Superman-style Ziplines).
  • It also consists of a Rappel Descend and a Tarzan Swing. 
  • It includes Transportation from/to your hotel/lodge. 
  • It features the Longest Zipline Course in Costa Rica.
  • The forest is secondary, so the views are not great.
  • You must apply brakes with your hand, which can be tricky/risky. 
  • Link to Book: Monteverde Extremo Canopy Tour

4) Selvatura Canopy Tour: 13 Ziplines + Tarzan Swing

The fourth option is the Selvatura Zipline Canopy Tour at Selvatura Park. Selvatura Park, next to the Santa Elena reserve, is the highest elevation point in the cloud forest. This is where the forest is super dense, which is good for connecting with nature.

The only problem is that Selvatura is usually pretty crowded. This park is the most commercial adventure park in the area. Their parking lot fits a few tour buses at a time, making it the first option for travel agencies who send a lot of tourists this way.

The Selvatura zipline tour takes 2 hours and includes 13 ziplines and a Tarzan swing. The Superman cable has an extra fee of $15 per person. There is a lot of uphill hiking and platform climbing on this tour, and you break with gloved hands. And Selvatura is the most commercial and touristy park in the area, but if you are lucky and there aren’t many people in the park, this is the best option to get intimate with nature.

Selvatura Canopy Tour Summary (Pros and Cons)

  • Best Zipline Tour in Monteverde for Adults who Love Nature.
  • Kids Can Do it But Require a Good Amount of Hiking Uphill. 
  • It features the Most Extensive and Scenic Zipline Course in Costa Rica.
  • It’s the Second Most Expensive Zipline Tour in Monteverde (Adults: $55, Kids: $38.50).
  • It includes 13 Ziplines and a Tarzan Swing. 
  • It includes Transportation from/to your hotel/lodge. 
  • It does NOT Include the Superman-style Zipline (You can add it for $15pp). 
  • These are the Most Commercial Ziplines in Monteverde (Very Touristy). 
  • You must apply brakes with your hand, which can be tricky/risky. 
  • Link to Book: Selvatura Canopy Tour

For more detailed information on Selvatura’s Zipline Tour, please visit my article “Detailed Review of Selvatura’s Zipline Tour (Pros and Cons).”

5) Original Canopy Zipline

The Original Canopy Tour was the first zipline tour in Monteverde in the early 1,990s. Over the years, it has become less popular as the newer parks grew in popularity. They came to replace the Original Canopy with more advanced technologies and better ziplining courses. However, the Original Canopy Tour is a good option for families with young kids looking for a light version of ziplines.

Warning: We do NOT recommend the Original Canopy Tour. Over the last couple of years, there have been several accidents, which compromise safety. You will probably never hear about these accidents as they keep them secret, but locals know about them, and that’s why we do not include a link to book this one. You can find the link by Googling “Original Canopy Tour.”

As a travel agency, we need to ensure that safety goes first in all the recommendations we provide. We had to mention this tour in this post because it is among the top zipline tours in the area, but we do not recommend it.

Ziplining with Kids in Monteverde

You can zipline with kids in Monteverde depending on the age of your little ones. Kids 8 years old and up can zipline at 100% Aventura, Original Canopy, and Monteverde Extremo. However, as stated above, Monteverde Extremo and 100% Aventura require you to be in good physical condition, so bear this in mind when ziplining with kids. These two options can be a little more tiring, and this is why they are only suitable for kids 8 plus.

Note: We also don’t recommend Extremo for kids. I know that the price for kids is tempting but having done this tour multiple times myself, I cannot recommend it for kids. It’s too extreme. I have not taken my daughter to this one and I do not plan to do it until she is at least 15 years old.

Kids 4 and up can zipline at Selvatura Park, and kids 6 and up can zipline at Sky Trek Monteverde. Kids will need to zipline with an adult on both of these zipline tours because their weight might not be heavy enough to generate the gravity force to complete the zipline. Hence, at the start of the tour, adults get instructions to zipline with their kids in a two-people-at-a-time fashion. The adult and the kid are connected individually and in pairs to each zipline for security reasons.

Note: Depending on the age of your kids, Selvatura might not be a good option. Selvatura Park is located at the top of the cloud forest, 1,600 meters above sea level (5,250 feet). It’s hard to breathe at this location, and there is a lot of walking uphill. The first time I took my daughter, she was 7-years old and I had to carry her pulley all the time as it was too much weight for her to carry during the hikes. She enjoyed the experience, but in retrospect, I can’t imagine how that would have gone if she would have been 4 years old.

Customer Experiences with Monteverde Zipline Tours

The following is a quick quality comparison arranged in descending order according to customer ratings from Google and TripAdvisor historical data up to September 6, 2021. Below the charts, you will find the key takeaways based on this study:


Monteverde Zipline Tours Reviews on Google

Zipline Tour Score Reviews
Aventura 4.8 1,260
Original 4.8 230
Sky Trek 4.7 1,965
Extremo 4.7 936
Selvatura 4.6 3,142


Monteverde Zipline Tours Reviews on TripAdvisor

Zipline Tour Score Reviews
Original 4.85 816
Selvatura 4.73 164
Aventura 4.72 378
Sky Trek 4.72 53
Extremo 4.60 128


Price Comparison on Monteverde Zipline Tours

The following is a quick pre-tax price comparison arranged in descending order according to price.

Transportation changes depending on availability; sometimes it’s included, other times is not. So I will not include transportation fees on this table, but you can follow the links to get the most updated information for each zipline.

You can also use the links to check real-time availability, book, and get instant confirmation:


Monteverde Zipline Tours: Prices Per Person

Zipline Tour Adults Kids
Sky Trek* $84 $58
Selvatura $55 $39
Aventura $50 $41
Original $50 $40
Extremo $50 $30

*Sky Trek Monteverde comes with a significantly higher price tag. According to Sky Adventures, that’s because it includes the Sky Tram tour (an aerial tram ride that takes you to the first platform where the zipline course begins) as well as the automated braking system. From our experience as a travel agency, most travelers indicate that the price is well worth it for these two reasons.

Ziplining in Monteverde is Fun No Matter Which Park You Choose

Here ends my study on the best ziplines in Monteverde, Costa Rica. I hope this information was valuable to you, and it helps you decide which zipline is best for your specific needs. All the above five parks offer unique zipline experiences in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

As a travel agency, we recommend Sky Trek Monteverde for the security aspect of it. In our position, many people come to us for advice, and it’s our job to put safety above everything else. That’s why we recommend it if you don’t mind the additional price tag. But I know from personal experience and anecdotes from hundreds of customers that all of the above parks are well-suited to give you a fantastic experience.

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