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100% Aventura Zip Lines

A Super Fun Ziplining Course featuring the longest zipline cable in all Latin America!


Adult 12+ years old
Child 4-12 years old
Local All Ages

Experience The Longest Zip Line In All Latin America

The 100% Aventura Canopy Tour offers modern and safe equipment, safety instructions, experienced tour guides, 9 regular ziplines, 2 superman ziplines (including the longest zipline in all Latin America which is just a little under a mile long -and you can opt to do as a regular zipline if you prefer not to do it in Superman style), 1 hammock bridge, 1 rappel, and 1 mega Tarzan swing.
All in all this is considered by many the best “bang for your buck” ziplining tour in Costa Rica, and it’s suitable for ages 8+ except for people with extreme weight excess or pregnancy. 



Superman And Tarzan 100 Aventura Zip Lines

We were in Monteverde March end 2020 and decided to visit 100% Aventura due to 2 unique rides that they offer. They have the Superman zip-line and the Tarzan swing. There are many canopy zip-line offered in Monteverde but this place stood out due the adrenaline rush of these 2 rides.

– TripAdvisor
Tarzan & Superman 100 Aventura Zip Lines

The crew was great very helpful the views were spectacular and the Tarzan swing was Exhilarating. We did about 5-7 zip lines before we took an side-by-side to the 2 longest zips which we did Superman style and finally finished it all off with a hike over to the Tarzan swing which will make your heart drop but is sooo worth it and rewarding in the end.

– TripAdvisor
Thrilling Experience 100 Aventura Zip Lines

We had great fun. It’s a must do especially the Superman and Tarzan swing. However a note to tourists and management, the Superman ride has an abrupt stop (we don’t have control on gradually slowing down) which may cause jerk or strain on the neck/body. Otherwise it’s a well managed and very professional adventure experience.

– TripAdvisor
Superman And Tarzan 100 Aventura Zip Lines

Super fun! I tend to think ziplining is a little anticlimactic, but the superman zipline and the Tarzan swing are something I'll remember forever. The crew gave good instructions in the beginning so you felt safe and knew exactly what to do. I thought they were friendly throughout the trip and we made new friends while waiting our turn in line.

– TripAdvisor
Super Fun Zip-lining 100 Aventura Zip Lines

We spent a lot of time trying to decide between ziplining companies, and while I can't compare because this is the only one we did, this tour was great! They have some incredibly long ziplines, the 'superman' position is included in the cost (some have an additional charge for it), and there's a Tarzan swing that was awesomely terrifying.

– TripAdvisor
REALLY High! 100 Aventura Zip Lines

These guys were super nice and very helpful. We waited about 30 minutes to get started that was the only downfall. They start you off slow with smaller ones to get you ready for the larger ziplines. The superman zipline was REALLY high and VERY long. It was a beautiful site even for someone who is deathly afraid of heights (that's me).

– TripAdvisor
Exhilarating! 100 Aventura Zip Lines

This company is amazing! We where in a time,crunch, so they worked with us to be sure we finished on time but still took care to be sure we got a full & great experience!

– TripAdvisor
Great Zip Lining 100 Aventura Zip Lines

Our zip lining adventure was excellent, guides were professional, super friendly and made us feel safe during the whole experience. We highly recommend 100% Adventure for zip lining and more! Good price for the value.

– TripAdvisor
A Must For Adventurous Families 100 Aventura Zip Lines

Great family fun for teenagers! We had a lot of fun as a family with this zip line tour! We went early for the 8am tour and got through smoothly without much of a wait. Very professional and courteous staff! Highly recommend!

– TripAdvisor
Highlight Of My Trip 100 Aventura Zip Lines

Excellent experience, very professionally run. This was the highlight of my Central American trip so far. I felt safe at all times flying high above the tree tops..... great value for money. 10 different zip lines, a Tarzan swing and and an abseil....

– TripAdvisor