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Extremo Ziplining Tour: Rated Costa Rica's Most Extreme Ziplining Tour


Adults 12+ years old
Kids 8-11 years old

Experience Costa Rica’s Most Extreme Ziplining Tour

a lady on a Superman cable doing the Extremo Zip Lines

The Monteverde Extremo Ziplining Tour is a 2-hour ziplining tour in Monteverde, Costa Rica, featuring the most extreme ziplining tour in the country. We run this tour three times a day at 8 am, 11 am, and 2 pm. And we only work with reservations (walk-ins are not allowed). 

Unlike many other destinations where a ziplining tour can often be a single, a couple, or a few zip lines, our Extremo Ziplining Tour is a comprehensive ziplining course. We have the most comprehensive ziplining tour/course in Costa Rica, with 2 hours of adventure as you go around the park flying through the air.

We offer modern and safe equipment and safety instructions. Our experienced tour guides will take you through the longest ziplining course in the country featuring 14 regular zip lines, an Aerial Superman 1,030 m (3,380 ft), a Subterranean Superman 190 m (623 ft), a Rappel 30 m (98.5 ft), and a Tarzan Swing 50 m (164 ft).

Note: Locals often refer to our ziplining tour as the Monteverde Extremo Canopy Tour. That’s because, in Costa Rica, the word “Canopy” means zipline. Therefore you will often hear people use the terms “ziplining,” “ziplines,” and “canopy” interchangeably.

Fly Like Superman at Extremo Ziplining Tour

a person doing the Ziplining Tour at Monteverde Extremo

A Superman Zipline is a zipline in Superman-like style. There is a harness attached to your back that connects you with the zipline, and there is also a braking mechanism at the end of the zipline to slow you down and ultimately stop you when you reach the end.

The Monteverde Extremo Ziplining Tour features two zip lines in Superman-style included in the price. Both zip lines are incredibly cool. The first goes above the forest’s canopy, while the second goes through a tunnel through the mountain, called the “Underground Superman.”

We take pride in being the only ziplining tour in the country that features a zip line that goes underground. It took us a couple of years to open this line to the public in the early 2020s.

Get Your Thrills at Extremo Ziplining Tour’s Tarzan Swing

Extremo’s Ziplining Tour includes a Tarzan Swing. A Tarzan Swing is a 45-degree jump off an edge while connected to a high-security rope, resembling Walt Disney’s Jungle character who swang from vines hanging onto tree limbs.

You can think of the Tarzan Swing as a giant hammock, except you are safely attached to a harness that goes around your waist area. You jump off from a platform, then swing back and forth until you finally lose momentum and stop.

Extremo Ziplining Tour Prices

The Monteverde Extremo Ziplining Tour is excellent value for your money. The rate is $30 for residents (ages eight and up), $30 for non-resident kids (8-11 years old), and $50 for non-resident adults (12 and up). Kids below eight years old are not allowed.

Please note that our rates include transportation both ways, but they do not include taxes. Customers often mention how well worth our tour is considering everything included.

Extremo Ziplining Tour Restrictions

The Monteverde Extremo Ziplining Tour is the most extreme zip lining tour in Costa Rica. Our tour is suitable for ages 8+ except for people with excessive weight excess or pregnancy. 

We do not recommend kids below 8 to join our tour because the ziplines are long and fast, which might not be appropriate for them.

How to Get to Monteverde Extremo Ziplining Tour

The Monteverde Extremo Ziplining Tour starts at Monteverde Extremo Park. Even though transportation is available for an additional fee, the recommendation is to drive to the park directly.

Driving to the park can save up to 90 minutes since the shuttles must stop at multiple locations to pick up or drop off travelers.

Once you make your online reservation, you will get an instant confirmation email with Google Maps to get to Monteverde Extremo Park. Please note that we are approximately 30 minutes from Monteverde downtown and need you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the tour starts.

Book Now With Flexible Cancelation

We understand that covid19 has changed the entire travel business. With the uncertainty of what the future holds each day with the pandemic, tour companies need to offer flexibility at booking.

Book Now, and rest assured knowing you have up to 24 hours before the day of your activity to cancel and get a full refund. Spots are limited, and we only work with reservations, so we encourage you to take advantage of our flexible cancelation policy to get your tickets today.

Note: We only operate the Extremo Ziplining Tour with reservations. Please use the “Book Now” button to get your tickets and secure your spots. You can find this button is at the right-hand side of your screen if you are on a desktop computer or at the bottom of the page if you are on a mobile device.

Monteverde Extremo Ziplining Tour Reviews

BEST Zip Lines! Extremo Ziplining Tour

Awesome zip lines and incredible views, including the Pacific coastline. We had a clear, sunny day. Some of the longest zip lines I have ever experienced, and the staff was very efficient. The only downside is having to "brake" on some lines.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Amazing Experience Extremo Ziplining Tour

I had always wanted to try ziplining, but in this setting, it was amazing. We even saw some monkeys! The guides were super friendly, and we got in with other first-timers and had a blast! Due to their enthusiasm, I even did the Tarzan jump at 52!

– An (TripAdvisor)
Amazing Ziplines Extremo Ziplining Tour

I went for the Zipline canopy tour with Extremo Park, and it was an amazing experience. The guides are great and funny. I felt really safe. The Tarzan swing was the craziest and most fun thing I’ve done in my life. I highly recommended it!

– Olga (TripAdvisor)
Absolutely Loved It! Extremo Ziplining Tour

I did the canopy tour with my boyfriend, and we both had an absolutely amazing day. Our guides were hilarious and very easy to get along with. I was a bit nervous about the rappelling, and I did have the option to skip it, but I decided to go for it!

– Alex (TripAdvisor)
Best Value Ziplines Extremo Ziplining Tour

This tour is 100% worth the money, and it’s not expensive at all! The time was fantastic. It was a little bit of a hike included, so be ready, but it is so beautiful! We saw many beautiful plants, and there were howler monkeys in the trees. Great value!

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)