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Selvatura Zip Lines


Adult 19+ years old
Student 13-18 years old
Child 4-12 years old
Local All Ages

Experience The Best Scenery on the Selvatura Zipline Canopy Tour

Selvatura is the only adventure park that is fully built inside the cloud forest, so here you get the best views in the Monteverde area.

On this tour, you will rush through the canopy of the beautiful cloud forest while attached to cables. You will fly through 13 cables, visiting 15 platforms, and a Tarzan swing, where you jump off an edge while attached to a high-security rope.

You may also upgrade to do the last cable in Superman Style for an additional fee.

All in all this is a total of 2.2 miles of total ziplining experience and a whole lot of nature!

This tour is suitable for people of all ages although it is not recommended for people with extreme weight excess or pregnancy.

Recent Traveler Reviews

Amazing zip lining tour with breathtaking views Selvatura Zip Lines

Zip lining/canopy is exhilarating, there are over 10+ tower stations which tour all across the park. One of those lines is 1 KM (0.62 miles long), which gives you an outstanding view and a sense speed across the forest. You can even do a Superman pose during that line. From that height and location you can even see the gulf. It is one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen. There is also a Tarzan jump, in which you basically jump off a platform and swing. Security is always placed first and center here, so no worries. Guides are also outstanding at their jobs, cordial and funny. There is also a significant walking climb between some of the stations so be prepared to walk between a few of them. It is not just zipping across. There are also a tons of suspended bridges which allow you take a stroll through the entire park and enjoy the luscious and breathtaking landscapes. There is a hummingbird section in which you can appreciate and see them really close while they feed. Saw at least 20 or so. Restaurant was great as well, service was fast and the food was great. An important note in these times, there are sanitary protocols established at all points. Temperature is taken for all visitors, disinfecting pads for shoes and lavatories at the entrance. There is minimized contact and the menus are digital. Groups are small to adhere to social distancing. Would definitely come again!

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Zipline Selvatura Zip Lines

Covid protocol followed Safety precautions followed 13 zips completing a circle between a few there was a 200 yard walk uphill. Good day.... worth the $

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Gotta do Tarzan swing Selvatura Zip Lines

Based on some bad reviews and from friends I knew it will rain, well it is rainforest so why would it be any different. So be prepared for it. Zipline was fun, social aspect of having folks who r super scared adds to the flavor. Tarzan swing with drop will get your heart pumping. 200lb weight limit so just a fyi. Last one is a km long and fun to do. Unfortunately it was raining so not the best far view. I will say do once in your life. Got pictures taken by park camera man who gave a discount too. The guides r very friendly and encourage everyone to have fun.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Amazing Canopy Tour, loved it Selvatura Zip Lines

We were amazed by the Canopy Tour, which lasted almost 2 hours and half. The experience is sensational: the canopy and views from the zip lines (15 in total if I remember correctly) are beautiful. The staff was very professional, we were well equipped (with helmet, gloves and climbing gear) and always felt safe during the whole journey. The zip lines are for most quite impressive (high and long). There is even a « superman » zip line experience for the craziest guys 🤪... $55 per person and $20 the 200 (!) photos of us, really worth the tour !

– Marion (TripAdvisor)
Fun and exciting experience in the rain forest Selvatura Zip Lines

We came on Nov 6, 2020 so it was raining quite a bit - partly from the season and partly from recent Hurricane Eta which caused a lot of rain and flooding in Costa Rica. That said, we had a great time. The guides (Miguel and Jason) were very professional, knowledgeable and fun. Since it was slower due to weather and Covid, my partner and I were the only tourists on our tour. We got to go down 13 zip lines, could have done the Tarzan swing (but we chickened out - although it did look fun), did a self guided tour through the canopy suspension bridges and also got a tour of the recently added sloth sanctuary. Great way to spend half a day! Even with the rain, the experience was fun (also we were not cold) and the views breathtaking- kind of feels like you’re in a Jurassic Park or something. Recommend having a decent rain jacket with you in case of rain and just be ready to hike a little and have some fun!

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Lush views, amazing experience Selvatura Zip Lines

We had an amazing time doing the ziplining tour. Everything was so efficient and organized, and everyone was so friendly. The views were spectacular and it was an impressively long tour, I think there were 13ish ziplines total. This was the absolute highlight of my trip to Costa Rica.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Zip line into the clouds! Selvatura Zip Lines

My husband and 7-year-old daughter did the canopy tour at Selvatura Park while we were in Monteverde. My husband was impressed with how long the zip lines were and said it was the best zip lining experience he’s ever had. Watching their videos, it was pretty incredible (and unnerving) to see them disappear into the clouds. I think their favorite line though was the superman line. We paid extra for the helmet cam and it was worth it getting to see all they did and for them to relive it later on. We got there before 8:30 and it wasn't crowded yet. By the time we left it was a little crazy. After reading the reviews we also decided to drive ourselves. The road was rough but no worse than the road into Monteverde!

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Selvatura Park Adventure Selvatura Zip Lines

We just came back from Costa Rica and this is certainly one of the highlight of the trip. The luscious tropical forest is fantastic and the Zip Lining was breathtaking..shout out to Manuel and colleagues that accompanied us on our Zip Lining experience they professional and made us feel at ease. Not to forget the humming birds and butterfly sanctuaries that is something to see and experience.

– Robert (TripAdvisor)
Oh my gosh -- so much fun! Do the "superman" zip line! Selvatura Zip Lines

Extremely well-run; great guides, safe equipment, beautifully maintained park and trails -- nothing could be improved that I could see, and I'm picky. The zip lines are awesome and safe and were just so much fun! Several of them seemed to go on forever -- you couldn't even see the end from the beginning platform, and you lost sight of the person in front of you. The views were gorgeous. Crazy! The superman zip, which is $11 extra, is absolutely worth it -- highly recommend. I am not a super outdoorsy type, not into adventure-y stuff like this, but I did it with my family and truly it's not scary, just super fun -- so glad I did it!

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Zip lining with our six year old Selvatura Zip Lines

We had a fantastic time zip lining with Selvatura. Having read many reviews I expected that my six year old would ride tandem with a staff but he was given an option to go solo on most of the lines and did great. The three of us had a stellar experience. Every staff member was friendly, professional, and focused on safely.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Fantastic ziplining Selvatura Zip Lines

Just spent 2.5 hours ziplining. 12 sections (13 but we didn't do the tower jump). All ages went, they help scared kids and adults going with them, variety is offered - regular seated zipping, couple tandem zipping, the tower for thrill seeking, and Superman flat for those who like head on. People were from all over, 7-70 old. As this was my first I have no comparison. Fotos can be gotten afterwards for reasonable price. They bring you back to hotel ( I think they pick you up as well but we walked there after a morning cloud forest your just 300 yards further)

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Ziplining as a family Selvatura Zip Lines

We recently did the ziplining and hanging bridges, we were two families with four children under 10 years old, this was one of the highlights of our visits. The crew was so professional, attentive and trustworthy, the equipment and set up was a high standard, we felt secure the whole time and all of us including the children had an exciting experience, this place is excellent and so are the staff. Thanks for a lovely day.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Awesome Ziplining Experience! Selvatura Zip Lines

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our zip lining adventure. My only regret is that we didn't have anywhere to carry our phones on us so we could take pictures of the experience. We went on 12 regular zip lines and then opted for the superman ride at the end. What a thrill! I also did the tarzan swing which I recommend as well. Selvatura also picked us up and dropped us off. If we ever return to Costa Rica we will try to do this tour again!

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Selvatura Canopy Tour Selvatura Zip Lines

This was my first time zip-lining and although it was windy and raining, it was so much fun. The staff is fun, well trained and made the whole experience memorable. I believe there are 13 lines - you won’t be bored. The views are outstanding. I would highly recommend.

– Krystal (TripAdvisor)
ziplining with a 4 year old in tow Selvatura Zip Lines

I checked out all the option for zip-lining including Sky adventures and found that Selvatura was the only one that accommodated a 4 year old. Our guide Johnny was amazing! He stayed close to my 4 year old at all times, carried her on his back on some steeper climbs to the platforms and made sure he was comfortable on the rides. I can't thank him enough.

– Vikram (TripAdvisor)
Great experience Selvatura Zip Lines

Ziplining through the big trees is awesome, even in the rain! Did not get to see any wildlife because of weather, but you can appreciate the beauty of the forest and the big trees. Flying through the clouds was fun! 1km zipline was awesome. Quite a busy place but they manage to keep you moving, maybe a little too quickly compared to the more relaxed pace we experienced 19 years ago, but times change! Felt safe and secure the whole time. All guides knew English.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Canopy tour Selvatura Zip Lines

Amazing experience. 11 year old daughter had a blast and even did the Tarzan swing. My husband did the Superman one and had a great time. He was carrying the Superman gear through the zip lines so he was too heavy to do the Tarzan swing (which requires you be <200lbs with gear). There are two long zip lines that you do as two together and my daughter and I did it together. Goes very fast and you have a great view of the treetops of the cloud forest. Those two were my favorites of all the zip lines. I was at the beginning very scared to do this activity but it was very safe and so much fun that my fear melted away. You can’t go back after you start and you are shuttles through so be mentally prepared to do them all (15). Highly recommended and great for kids. There were several children in the group and They all seemed to do fine. Think it is great for the family. If you already do ziplining and want more adventure then probably a different tour as this one is great for all ages.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Super fun zip lining experience! Selvatura Zip Lines

I have gone zip lining before but never in the rainforest. Being in and above the trees was such an incredible experience. For most of the lines you were by yourself, but for 2 of them you went with a partner which was really fun for my boyfriend and I to do. The Tarzan swing at the end definitely made this experience worth it in my opinion!

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Fantastic zip lines Selvatura Zip Lines

My wife and I have done zip lines in several different countries, but the ones at Selvatura were the best. Some of the trails between the platforms were a little arduous but lots of time available to be able to climb them. The staff personnel were extremely helpful, fun, and safety minded. The view from the zip lines is exceptional.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
The best zip ever Selvatura Zip Lines

Similar to other reviews, staff very professional, prices reasonable. We zipped on a day it was pouring rain and wind was blowing, the experience was none the less exhilarating. Our group was diverse, young fit to old not so fit. The staff was able to accommodate all keeping us in a group, safely and efficiently. The thrill of the last zip, I believe over 1 kilometer, was worth the entire adventure. Each line was different, I’d like to say the scenery was spectacular but do to conditions the only thing I remember is tops of trees. If I get back to this great country I definitely try to zip again on a sunnier day.

– Karol (TripAdvisor)