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Selvatura Monteverde Zipline Tour

Monteverde's Best Scenery Zipline Tour


Adult 19+ years old
Student 13-18 years old
Child 4-12 years old
Local All Ages

Surround Yourself With Nature at Selvatura Ziplining Tour

A person on a Selvatura Zip Line Through the Forest

At Selvatura Ziplining Tour, we have the most scenic ziplining adventure in Monteverde.

Selvatura is the only adventure park fully built inside the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Here you will discover the best views of the Monteverde area with zip lines that go above and beyond the forest’s canopy. 

You will also zipline through the forest in between the trees. Ziplining in between the trees will give you a fantastic feeling of connection with nature. This connection with nature complements the adventurous adrenaline rush going down the zip lines. 

Costa Rica’s Most Extensive Ziplining Tour

Selvatura Zip Lines Map

Selvatura features the most extensive ziplining tour in Costa Rica, covering a significant part of Selvatura’s 850 acres of protected cloud forest in Monteverde. 

You will rush through the canopy of Selvatura’s beautiful cloud forest, flying through 13 zip lines and jumping off the optional Tarzan swing.

All in all, this tour is a total of 4 kilometers (2.2 miles) of total zip lining experience and a whole lot of nature. It is suitable for ages 4+ except for people with extreme weight excess, heart disease, back problems, or pregnancy.

Get Your Thrills at Selvatura Ziplining Tour’s Tarzan Swing

Selvatura’s Ziplining Tour includes a Tarzan Swing. A Tarzan Swing is a 45-degree jump off an edge while connected to a high-security rope, resembling Walt Disney’s Jungle character who swang from vines hanging onto tree limbs. 

You can think of the Tarzan Swing as a giant hammock, except you are safely attached to a harness that goes around your waist area. You jump off from a platform, then swing back and forth until you finally lose momentum and stop.

Selvatura Ziplining Tour Prices

The Selvatura Ziplining Tour is $39 for residents (all ages), $39 for kids (4-12 years old), $50 for students (13 to 18 with student ID), and $55 for adults (19 and up). These rates include transportation both ways, but they do not include taxes.

You may also upgrade to the last zip line in Superman Style for an additional fee.

Fly Like Superman For an Additional Fee at Selvatura’s Ziplining Tour

a person flying over a forest at the Superman Zip Line

You can fly like Superman at Selvatura’s Ziplining Tour for an additional fee. Our 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) zip line is fantastic, featuring a fast yet safe line that will make you feel like you’re flying over the cloud forest.

The Superman Zip Line at Selvatura’s Ziplining Tour is $15 + tax per person.

Note: Our Superman Zip Line is an extension of our ziplining tour and is not sold separately (i.e., you can only do this zip line if you first purchase the ziplining tour).

What to Wear at Selvatura Ziplining Tour

Selvatura Park is at the highest elevation point of Monteverde’s Cloud Forest. The weather at this location is usually rainy, cold, and windy.

Even if the day looks pretty clear, you should still prepare for the rain to fall at any given time without any sign or notice. Monteverde’s cloud forest weather is extremely unpredictable. We don’t recommend using weather forecasting sites/apps to choose your clothing.

At Selvatura Park, you should wear closed shoes (flip flops, and sandals are not allowed as they might fall off while you’re ziplining), long pants, and a Poncho or a light Rain Jacket. Your clothes should be light and comfortable, allowing you to move with flexibility as you hike and zipline.

How to Get to Selvatura Ziplining Tour

The meeting point for Selvatura’s Ziplining Tour is the reception area at Selvatura Park. You will get instant confirmation with driving instructions on your email after booking your tickets. You can also add transportation at booking if you don’t have a car.

Even though the tour includes transportation, the recommendation is to drive to the park directly whenever possible. Our shuttles often stop to pick up and drop off customers who don’t have a car, taking up to 45 minutes each way.

Going to the park using your vehicle can save you up to 90 minutes. We have an extensive and safe parking lot on-site and walking distance from our reception area.

Selvatura Ziplining Tour Reviews

Breathtaking Views Selvatura Zip Lines

Zip lining/canopy is exhilarating; over 10+ tower stations tour all across the park. One of those lines is 1 KM (0.62 miles long), which gives you an outstanding view and a sense of speed across the forest. From that height and location, you can even see the gulf. It is one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen.

– TripAdvisor
Do The Tarzan Swing Selvatura Zip Lines

Based on some bad reviews and from friends, I knew it would rain. Well, it is a rainforest, so why would it be any different. So be prepared for it. Zipline was fun. The social aspect of having folks who are super scared adds to the flavor. Tarzan swings with drop will get your heart pumping. 200lb weight limit, so just an FYI.

– TripAdvisor
Amazing Canopy Tour Selvatura Zip Lines

We were amazed by the Canopy Tour, which lasted almost 2 hours and a half. The experience is sensational: the canopy and views from the zip lines (15 in total, if I remember correctly) are beautiful. The staff was very professional. We were well equipped (with helmets, gloves, and climbing gear) and always felt safe.

– TripAdvisor
Lush Views Selvatura Zip Lines

We had an amazing time doing the ziplining tour. Everything was so efficient and organized, and everyone was so friendly. The views were spectacular, and it was an impressively long tour. I think there were thirteen ziplines total. This was the absolute highlight of my trip to Monteverde, Costa Rica.

– TripAdvisor
Into The Clouds! Selvatura Zip Lines

My husband and 7-year-old daughter did the canopy tour at Selvatura Park while we were in Monteverde. My husband was impressed with how long the zip lines were and said it was the best zip lining experience he’s ever had. Watching their videos was pretty incredible (and unnerving) to see them disappear into the clouds.

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)