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Sky Tram Monteverde: Is it Worth it?

the tower of the city

Is Sky Tram Monteverde Worth It? 

Sky Tram Monteverde is pricey. That’s the number one reason some people avoid it. And it’s also the exact reason why so many people ask me if it’s worth it.

Over the last decade, I have been to the Sky Adventures Monteverde Park dozens of times. One of my best friends works there, and the park owners have had a great relationship with my partner ever since she was a kid. 

We get free tickets to Sky Tram now and then, so we have been there a couple of times over the last few years, but the fact is that this tour is expensive. 

Sky Tram is $48 for adults ages 18+, $40 for students ages 12 through 17 with a student ID, $33 for children between 6 and 11, and $31 for locals. Unless you fully understand what this ride entails, these prices can be pretty high for a short 15-minute ride on a gondola. 

So, that begs the question; is Sky Tram Monteverde worth it? 

There are two scenarios where Sky Tram Monteverde is worth the high price; if you can’t walk or have kids below six years old. If you can’t walk (or you don’t want to walk) and want to experience the Monteverde cloud forest from above the canopy of the trees, Sky Walk Monteverde will be worth it for you. Likewise, Sky Tram Monteverde is also for you if you have kids below six years old, as they do not have to pay the entrance fee. 

I will go over those two scenarios in greater detail below, but first, let’s talk about what Sky Walk Monteverde is; 

Riding Up And Visiting The Monteverde Cloud Forest

Sky Tram Monteverde is a beautiful 15-minute ride on an aerial Gondola between 45 and 65 meters (131 and 213 feet) above the Monteverde cloud forest, featuring astonishing views above the canopy.

On this tour, you will travel a distance of 800 meters (2,624 feet) up and down from the reception area of the Sky Adventures Monteverde Park to the highest point of the cloud forest. 

You will ride at an easygoing slow speed of 10 km/h (6 mi/h), so you can enjoy the views that overlook the Monteverde cloud forest.

There is a stop at the top of Sky Tram Monteverde before heading back to reception, from where you will have the opportunity to walk on a beautiful and easy trail of approximately 250 meters (820 feet).

From there, you will also have access to a beautiful platform overlooking the cloud forest, as well as an observation tower from where you can see the Arenal volcano, the Nicoya’s Gulf, and a panoramic view of the entire Monteverde region. 

Note: The observation tower is 15 meters (49 feet) tall with approximately 75 stairs to get to the top, so you need to have a relatively good physical condition to make it. The top of the tower is 1,736 meters above sea level (5,695 feet), which is one of the highest elevation points in the area, providing amazing panoramic views.

Sky Tram Monteverde is for those who can’t walk, including people with medical conditions that prevent them from walking long distances and families with young kids who can’t walk much. 

Let’s explore both scenarios next; 

Sky Tram Monteverde is For Those Who Can’t Walk

Someone with problems walking who wants to experience the views above the canopy of the Monteverde cloud forest will more than likely not have issues with the entrance fee to Sky Tram and will find it worth it. 

For those who don’t want to zipline, Sky Tram Monteverde is perfect. Excellent views of the tree canopy, lookouts, and a cafe at the top.” -John

There are only three ways to get the “Monteverde Canopy Experience” (i.e., the views above the canopy of the Monteverde cloud forest). You can either go on a ziplining tour or a hanging bridges tour or do the Sky Tram Monteverde ride. 

The problem with the first two options is that they require a significant degree of walking. Even at Sky Trek Monteverde, the ziplining tour that requires the least amount of hiking, you still have to climb stairs at each zipline platform before ziplining. 

And even at Sky Walk Monteverde, the ziplining tour that requires the least amount of hiking, you still have to walk for at least 45 minutes. The shortest track is 1 kilometer long (0.6 miles). It goes through three bridges, and it takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete going at a leisurely pace. 

Sky Tram Monteverde is one of the very few activities that are accessible with a wheelchair. So, whether you can’t walk much or you can’t walk at all, Sky Tram will be a good option for you to experience the cloud forest.

Sky Tram Monteverde is For Families with Kids Below Six

Kids below six do not need to pay the entrance fee to Sky Tram Monteverde, which is an excellent option for those families who have kids below this age, who also have trouble walking long distances. 

As mentioned above, the Sky Tram is the only alternative for you to get the “Monteverde Canopy Experience” other than a ziplining or hanging bridges tour, making it convenient for families with young kids. 

On the one hand, kids below six years old can enter Sky Tram Monteverde for free (an adult must accompany them). For a family of two adults and three kids below six, this tour can be among the cheapest things to do in Monteverde when you break up the cost per person. 

On the other hand, most ziplining tour companies in Monteverde will not accept kids below six years of age, so experiencing the Monteverde cloud forest canopy via ziplines might not be an option. 

And doing a hanging bridges tour might not be the best experience for the family neither because depending on the kids, at those ages, they will most likely not be ready to handle the required hiking. 

I still remember the first time I took my daughter to the Selvatura’s hanging bridges, an experience that Selvatura calls “Selvatura’s Canopy Walkways.” We did not have the best time. She was three at the time, and she only walked up to the first bridge, so I had to carry her on my back for the remainder of the walk. Bringing her on my back took me two hours, and even though she enjoyed the ride, as you can imagine, I wouldn’t say I liked it that much. 

The next time we went to the hanging bridges, she was five, and I took her to Sky Walk Monteverde. This time things went a lot better, but still not quite as planned. We only managed to walk on the first loop of bridges which is about 1 kilometer, and it took us a little less than an hour. This time she was much heavier, so I couldn’t carry her on my back. So, we only did three bridges, but we decided to go on the ride for Sky Tram on the way back. 

The Sky Tram was great fun for both of us. It was a bit short, but we took time to stop at the top and climbed the observation tower (we did not see the volcano because that day was cloudy). We also made the short trail, which was pretty flattish and beautiful. 

On the ride down to reception, I spotted a Quetzal (she did not see it). That was such a fantastic way to end the trip before going back home. 

So, whether your kids can’t walk much or they can’t walk at all, Sky Tram will be a good option for your family to experience the cloud forest.

Before I let you go, please take note; 

Sky Tram is Part of Sky Trek Monteverde

Sky Trek Monteverde, the ziplining tour offered by the Sky Adventures Monteverde Park, includes a short 10-minute Sky Tram ride from the park’s reception to the first platform, where the ziplining tour begins. So the recommendation is not to book Sky Tram if you are planning to book Sky Trek. 

Here ends my article on whether or not Sky Tram is worth it, but you can reach my team (our contact information is on my card below) if you have any additional questions on the topic. 

Is Sky Tram Monteverde For You? 

Ready for Sky Tram Monteverde?

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