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Discover The Selvatura Park Experience In Monteverde Costa Rica

About Selvatura

Selvatura Park is one of the top attractions in Monteverde, Costa Rica. 

This nature and adventure ecological park protects over 850 acres of cloud forest.

The park offers a large variety of activities such as a butterfly garden, a sloth sanctuary, a hummingbird garden, and a reptile museum, but it’s mostly famous for the amazing hanging bridges (also known as canopy walkways) that connect nature trails with mountains going over the canopy of the trees, as well as for having the zip lines that provide the most “natural” experience in Monteverde which provide the best views of the cloud forest in the area. 

The first activities aforementioned can be booked onsite, there is no reservation required to access them, but the Selvatura Canopy Walkways and the Selvatura Ziplines Tour require a reservation since they have a capacity limit. 

If you are looking for the most natural adventure park in Costa Rica, with a world-class service, the Selvatura Park is for you. 

The park also offers an on-site restaurant, as well as the option to purchase your adventure’s footage. Insurance is also included on the tours as well as the appropriate safety measures to ensure things go well.

2021 Traveler Reviews

So fun and SO beautiful! Selvatura Park

We did a ziplining and self guided hanging bridge tour (and popped in to see the hummingbird garden at the end which was INCREDIBLE!). The zipline was so fun and the views were truly breathtaking. The hanging bridges were also super cool and had amazing views. Unfortunately we didn't see many animals on the hanging bridges by ourselves, so if you are hoping for that, I suggest getting a guide. But even so, it was super gorgeous! Also.. if you go to the Hummingbird garden, make sure you put your hand out under the bird feeder. They will land on your hand to drink from it. Very cool experience!

– Emily (TripAdvisor)
Incredible Day Selvatura Park

We had an amazing day today at Selvatura Adventure Park. We did the 11am canopy / zip line tour, went into Santa Elena for lunch (at Orchid cafe - delicious!) and then came back in the afternoon for the hanging bridges. I can’t say enough about the activities - we’ve been a lot of places in the world but this one was still breathtaking. The zip lines were long and fast (but not too fast - my kids had a blast) and seeing the jungle from above like that is an experience you could otherwise only get in a helicopter. The hanging bridges walk was also an amazing glimpse into the jungle. But what really stood out to us was the quality of the staff. Everyone was wearing a mask the whole time, and they were spot-on with safety precautions, always using a safety line when on the platform, for example. They also didn’t pack us onto platforms in a way that would have been covid-unsafe. They were also so kind to my reticent five-year-old - they offered to accompany her with a guide the whole time, and seemed pleased (not at all annoyed) to do it. They were pleasant and helpful and really seemed to enjoy their jobs. Also, they had integrity - we were there with another family with a kid who started screaming after the first zip line and wanted to turn back, and the mom wanted the guides just to toss this flailing and crying kid on the next line... the guides wouldn’t do it. That respect for kids was big in my book. Highly highly recommend the sites and the staff!

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Amazing and so much fun!! Selvatura Park

An amazing experience. We had so much fun, we started the tour with eight people, and when we stopped at the first zip line, we were the only ones to do the extended line course. We had our own private zip lining experience, with two guides. The walk can be a bit much, and if you have back issues, this isn't for you, but what views! This was an anniversary trip, which made it feel as though it was all about us, and by the time we finished, we were able to catch up with the others to ride back. They have a butterfly garden that is a beautiful and peaceful way to finish our experience. COVID19: They spray you down with antibacterial spray before you sit for instructions, and temp was take before we even got started. Masks are required.

– James (TripAdvisor)
A little piece of heaven trip Selvatura Park

We highly recommend doing zip lining at Selvatura. It was the very best one we have ever done. We are very scarred of heights but we did it anyway because the reviews were so amazing. It was spectacular views. We felt like birds flying but staff made us feel safe the entire time. We didn’t expect it to be so cold as we were so high in the clouds and recommend dressing warm wear comfortable clothing and closed shoes. This is a must do and will definitely do it again when we return. ❤️Pura vida!!

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Awesome day at Selvatura Selvatura Park

This park has it all. We started the morning with breakfast and cappuccinos before our ziplining tour. The service was excellent. The ziplining was so much fun and the guides were fantastic. We then hiked the hanging bridges trail. The views were beautiful. We then had a wonderful experience in the hummingbird garden and butterfly garden. Next was the sloth sanctuary. Do not miss the sloths! They're precious. And last but not least was the reptile and amphibian tour where we saw eyelash vipers, bushmasters, rattlesnakes and a fer de lance. Don't miss Selvatura!

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Amazing Canopy Tour, loved it Selvatura Park

We were amazed by the Canopy Tour, which lasted almost 2 hours and half. The experience is sensational: the canopy and views from the zip lines (15 in total if I remember correctly) are beautiful. The staff was very professional, we were well equipped (with helmet, gloves and climbing gear) and always felt safe during the whole journey. The zip lines are for most quite impressive (high and long).

– Marion (TripAdvisor)
Hanging bridges tour Selvatura Park

There were 8 bridges, great views and able to spot tropical birds. Each bridge varies in length and height and we walked without a guide as it is very straightforward. Transport to and from our hotel. Good price as well and lovely little restaurant.

– Alicia (TripAdvisor)
Zipline Selvatura Park

Covid protocol followed Safety precautions followed 13 zips completing a circle between a few there was a 200 yard walk uphill. Good day.... worth the $

– Anonymous (TripAdvisor)
Immersed in Nature Among Hanging Bridges Selvatura Park

I looked at a couple of options for Hanging Bridges & locals & tourists alike highly recommended Selvatura Park for great reason! I loved the 8 bridges ranging up to 500+ feet & the shuttle right on time & the magical walk through the cloud reserve! I also saw a monkey on my 2nd bridge!!! Spent 2+ hours enjoying every second!!

– Katrina (TripAdvisor)
Pure Joy Selvatura Park

We were the first ones of the day to do the bridges walk, they let us in at 8:30, no guide. It felt like we reserved the place for ourselves! It's the nicest walk I've ever done, only rivaled by Alaska. Worth every penny.

– Kris (TripAdvisor)