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Selvatura Park

Monteverde Costa Rica

Selvatura Park in Monteverde Costa Rica

Selvatura Park is one of the top attractions in Monteverde Costa Rica. 

Selvatura is a nature and adventure park that protects over 850 acres of the Monteverde cloud forest. Selvatura offers many activities such as a butterfly garden, a sloth sanctuary, a hummingbird garden, and a reptile museum. Still, it’s mostly famous for the amazing hanging bridges (also known as canopy walkways) that connect nature trails with mountains going over the canopy of the trees, as well as for having the zip lines that provide the most “natural” experience in Monteverde which provide the best views of the cloud forest in the area. 

Selvatura Park offers 2 main attractions: 

  • Selvatura Zip Lines
  • Selvatura Canopy Walkways


Selvatura Zip Lines

Selvatura offers one of the most popular zip lining tours in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Since this site is a popular attraction with one group taking the zipline tour after another and cables passing over the canopy bridges, the experience can give some folks a bit of an amusement park feeling. That said, most people are very much pleased with the professional, friendly staff and overall experience.

The extensive zipline course includes thirteen cables, one of which is 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) long, fifteen platforms, an optional Tarzan swing, and little to no walking. This zip lining tour is a long, exciting course that is easy to do, so this is a good choice for families who need a combination of adventure and relaxation.

The Selvatura zip lining tour has a total of 3.4 kilometers (2.2 miles) of cables, and it takes approximately 2 hours to complete. 

Quick Summary:

  • 13 ziplines
  • Longest zipline is 1 km (0.6 mi) 
  • Tarzan swing (optional) 
  • Little to no walking
  • Break with hands

For an additional fee, you can upgrade to do the final line in Superman mode (lying down, facing forward as if you were flying).

You can also combine this zip lining experience with canopy walkway bridges (explained below), butterfly garden, sloth’s sanctuary, and other animal exhibits.

Prices start at $38.5 for residents (all ages), $38.5 for non-resident kids (4 to 12 years old), $49.50 for students (13 to 18 years old with a student ID), and $55 for adults (13+ without a student ID).


Selvatura Canopy Walkways

Two tourists walking on a Hanging Bridge in Monteverde Costa Rica

The Selvatura Canopy Walkways Bridges is a more relaxed self-guided* tour on a beautiful trail system with hanging bridges, consisting of a combination of a 1.9 mile (3 km) circuit trail and 8 hanging bridges, including one that is 170 meters (560 feet) long. On these bridges, you will experience what it’s like to walk above the canopy of the trees, a privileged vantage point to oversee the Monteverde Cloud Forest. 

The 8 bridges are wider than those found in the other parks with hanging bridges in Monteverde, and they are effortless to manage. There are also a few benches on the well-maintained, fairly easy trail. You can upgrade to do the Selvatura Hanging Bridges with a guide or use a map to do them on your own. These and other factors make this a good choice for older folks and people who might not want to walk as much.

Quick Summary:

  • 8 bridges 
  • 3km (1.9mi) trail
  • The longest bridge is 170m (560ft).

You can upgrade to do this tour with a Naturalist Guide for more wildlife viewing opportunities for an additional fee.

You can also combine this canopy walkways experience with zip lining (explained above), butterfly garden, sloth’s sanctuary, and other animal exhibits.

Prices start at $27.5 for residents (all ages), $27.5 for non-resident kids (4 to 12 years old), $33 for students (13 to 18 years old with a student ID), and $39 for adults (13+ without a student ID).


Additional Services

Selvatura also offers an on-site restaurant and the option to purchase your adventure’s footage (you cannot use your own GoPro).

Insurance is also included on the tours and the appropriate safety measures to ensure things go well.

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So Fun And SO Beautiful! Selvatura Park

We did a ziplining and self-guided hanging bridge tour (and popped in to see the hummingbird garden at the end, which was INCREDIBLE!). The zipline was so fun, and the views were truly breathtaking. The hanging bridges were also super cool and had amazing views. We didn't see many animals by ourselves, so get a guide.

– TripAdvisor
Incredible Day Selvatura Park

We had an amazing day today at Selvatura Adventure Park. We did the 11 am canopy/zip line tour, went into Santa Elena for lunch (at Orchid cafe - delicious!), and returned for the hanging bridges in the afternoon. I can’t say enough about the activities - we’ve been to many places in the world, but this one was still breathtaking.

– TripAdvisor
Amazing And So Much Fun!! Selvatura Park

An amazing experience. We had so much fun, we started the tour with eight people, and when we stopped at the first zip line, we were the only ones to do the extended line course. We had our own private zip lining experience with two guides. The walk can be a bit much, and if you have back issues, this isn't for you, but what views!

– TripAdvisor
A Little Piece Of Heaven Selvatura Park

We highly recommend doing zip lining at Selvatura. It was the very best one we have ever done. We are terrified of heights, but we did it anyway because the reviews were so amazing. It was spectacular views. We felt like birds flying, but the staff made us feel safe the entire time. PS: We didn’t expect it to be so cold as we were so high in the clouds.

– TripAdvisor
Awesome Day At Selvatura Selvatura Park

This park has it all. We started the morning with breakfast and cappuccinos before our ziplining tour. The service was excellent. The ziplining was so much fun, and the guides were fantastic. We then hiked the hanging bridge's trail. The views were beautiful. We then had a wonderful experience in the butterfly garden.

– TripAdvisor
Amazing Canopy Tour Selvatura Park

We were amazed by the Canopy Tour, which lasted almost 2 hours and a half. The experience is sensational: the canopy and views from the zip lines (15 in total, if I remember correctly) are beautiful. The staff was very professional. We were well equipped (with helmets, gloves, and climbing gear) and always felt safe during the journey.

– TripAdvisor
Immersed In Nature Selvatura Park

I looked at a couple of options for Hanging Bridges & locals & tourists alike highly recommended Selvatura Park for great reason! I loved the 8 bridges ranging up to 500+ feet & the shuttle right on time & the magical walk through the cloud reserve! I also saw a monkey on my 2nd bridge!!! I spent 2+ hours enjoying every second!

– TripAdvisor