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Selvatura Butterfly Garden Tour

Discover Costa Rica's most extensive butterfly garden in Monteverde, Costa Rica.


✅What’s Included:

  • Guided Tour
  • Entrance Fees
  • Opportunity for Photography

❌Not Included:

  • Souvenirs*
  • Food and drinks*
  • Transportation from/to town**

*Can be purchased at the park.

**Can be added as you book online.

Adults 19+ Years Old
Students 13-18 Years Old
Kids 4-12 Years Old
Infants 0-3 Years Old
Nacionales De 4 en Adelante

🦋 Experience the Enchanting World of Butterflies at Selvatura Park!

Discover Costa Rica’s most extensive butterfly garden!

We are calling all nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers! Prepare for an unforgettable adventure as we invite you to an exclusive tour of our spectacular butterfly garden.

The Selvatura Park Butterfly Tour is a 45-minute guided tour with a local expert at Selvatura Park’s Indoor Butterfly Garden. After the guided tour, you may stay inside the facilities to appreciate and photograph these beautiful creatures until 4 PM.

💖”Pure Magic”



The Selvatura Park’s butterfly garden was pure magic! I felt like I was in a fairytale surrounded by colorful butterflies. The knowledgeable guides added depth to the experience. I can’t wait to return!”

– Robert Montgomery | July 2023

🌳Why Choose Selvatura’s Butterfly Garden?

🌿 Immerse Yourself in Natural Beauty:

Step into our enchanting butterfly haven, spanning an impressive 300 feet in length, 90 feet in width, and soaring to 50 feet! You’ll be captivated by our butterfly garden’s sheer size and grandeur. What’s our secret? We’ve designed a unique dome structure that carefully controls the temperature, creating the perfect environment for over 30 diverse butterfly species from Costa Rica’s varied altitudes and climates.

🌟 Get Up Close and Personal:

As you wander through our lush gardens, you’ll find yourself in the company of a thriving butterfly population. Witness the magic as these graceful creatures flutter around you, offering an up-close and personal encounter.

🔍 Expert Guided Tours:

Our passionate and knowledgeable guides are here to make your visit truly unforgettable. They’ll lead you on a fascinating tour, answering all your burning questions about these beautiful butterflies. Discover their intricate life cycles, individual habits, and intriguing facts that will amaze you.

🚌 Transportation Available

The Selvatura Park is at the highest elevation point in Monteverde, about 10 minutes from Monteverde’s main town, Santa Elena. After booking online, you will get a confirmation email with the Google Maps location with driving instructions to get here.

If you don’t have a car to get to us, you can add transportation for an additional fee when booking online. Type in the name and address of your Hotel/Airbnb, and we will happily pick you up 30 to 60 minutes before the tour starts (we’ll send you a follow-up email indicating the pickup time at your location). We’ll also take you back to your place.

✅Flexible Cancellation

Our flexible cancellation policy allows you to cancel with a full refund up to 24 hours before the tour day. You can easily cancel online, directly from your confirmation email —no need to talk to someone, and no questions asked.

The Selvatura Butterfly Garden is generally open through all weather conditions (including rain and thunderstorms) as the exhibit is indoors.

📅Planning Your Adventure

Ready to make your adventure dreams a reality? Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. Book your Selvatura Butterfly Garden experience today and prepare to have your breath taken away. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or as a family, we guarantee memories that will last a lifetime.

🎟️Booking Your Tickets

Limited slots are available due to capacity limits at the garden, so you must book in advance (everyone needs a reservation; walk-ins without a reservation are not allowed).

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with the wonders of nature! Join us at Selvatura Park and let the enchantment of butterflies sweep you off your feet. Book your adventure today and experience the beauty of Costa Rica’s butterfly kingdom like never before! 🦋🌿🌟

After booking online, you’ll get an immediate confirmation email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Naturalists Say

Breathtaking! Selvatura Butterfly Garden

Selvatura Park's butterfly garden was a breathtaking experience! The sheer variety of butterfly species was astounding. The guides were informative and friendly, making it an educational delight. A must-visit for nature lovers!

– Carissa Harding
Unforgettable Selvatura Butterfly Garden

Selvatura Butterfly Garden is a must-see in Costa Rica! The lush gardens and the abundance of butterflies left me in awe. The guided tour was educational and engaging, offering a deeper understanding of these beautiful insects.

– Ryleigh Sharp
Unique Experience Selvatura Butterfly Garden

I fell in love with Selvatura Butterfly Garden! The experience was nothing short of enchanting. Surrounded by butterflies in their natural habitat was a dream come true. The knowledgeable guides made it even more special. A slice of paradise!

– Amari Hawkins
Paradise Selvatura Butterfly Garden

Selvatura Park's butterfly garden is a tropical paradise! The variety of butterflies was mind-blowing. The expert guides shared fascinating insights, making it a fantastic learning experience for the whole family. Can't recommend it enough!

– Clarissa Dunlap
Memorable Selvatura Butterfly Garden

I was transported to a world of wonder at Selvatura Butterfly Garden. The sheer diversity of butterflies was astonishing. The guided tour was both educational and fun, making it a memorable family outing. A must-visit in Costa Rica!

– Uriah Howell