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Selvatura Sloth Sanctuary Tour

Beautiful Sloth Sanctuary in Monteverde!


Adults 12+ Years Old
Students 13-17 with ID
Kids 5-11
Nacionales Cualquier Edad

Selvatura Sloth Sanctuary Tour

Available four times daily year-round, the Selvatura Sloth Sanctuary Tour is a great way to learn about these beautiful animals, see many of them, and photograph them up close.

Selvatura’s Sloth Sanctuary is a natural exhibit on a close can roam among the trees and foliage of the exhibition, which provides a safe distance that allows observation while preventing as much stress on the animals as possible.

These beautiful mammals arrived at the sanctuary as refugees from the effects of poaching, habitat destruction, orphanage, illness, and accidents, among other reasons, which prevent them from being reintroduced to their natural habitat.

You will join a 45-minute guided tour, but you can stay inside the facilities after that to continue appreciating these beautiful creatures.

This fantastic experience starts at $27 and requires a basic fitness level (i.e., you can stroll for about 45 minutes with multiple stops along the paved trail). It is only available for small groups (5 to 8 people + Tour Guide), so it requires a reservation.

Selvatura Sloth Tour Testimonials

Amazing Experience! Selvatura Sloth Tour

This ended up being one of my favorite experiences of our entire trip! You get to be close and walk around the habitat taking pictures and videos while the guide provides lots of great tips on the sloths.

– Diana
Wonderful Experience! Selvatura Sloth Tour

I really wanted to see sloths up close, and saw they had a sloth tour in Monteverde, so I booked my tickets online. It was amazing to see them so close, and they were active while we were there. Climbing around and eating!

– Albert
Lovely Place! Selvatura Sloth Tour

The Selvatura Sloth Sanctuary was a lovely place. The tour was excellent, with a knowledgeable tour guide. Even though this tour is indoors, I recommend you bring a light jacket because it can get cold.

– Joseph