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Sky Adventures / Monteverde Costa Rica

About Sky Adventures

Sky Adventures is theme park situated at the heart of the cloud forest in Monteverde Costa Rica, located at 1,400 meters above the sea level (roughly 4,600 feet) which is high enough for you to have amazing views above the canopy of the Monteverde area, but low enough for you to have the opportunity to potentially spot some wildlife during your visit. 

“Sky”, as it is referred to by locals, has been offering nature tours and adventure activities since the early 1,990s and it features the strongest security protocols in the area with the slogan “Safety First” which makes it stand out from the other theme parks in Monteverde.

Sky Adventures offers 3 main activities: 

  • Sky Trek
  • Sky Walk
  • Sky Tram

Sky Trek

This is one of the best ziplining tours in Monteverde Costa Rica, featuring 3 main aspects: 

  • No walking, just ziplining from platform to platform. 
  • Fastest ziplines in the area reaching speeds of up to 64km/h (39.8 miles per hour).
  • Automatic break, so you don’t have to worry about crashing into the next platform*

*Sky Trek is the only park in Monteverde that features an automatic break system in line with their vision to put safety first. This is the main reason that sets this tour apart from all other ziplining tours in Monteverde and this is why we recommend it. The other tour companies also provide amazing ziplining experiences but they provide you with a leather glove that you need to use for breaking as you approach the next platform, and this manual process increases the risk for injuries (either from people not breaking hard enough resulting on a crash, or from people applying too much pressure on the cable causing arm injuries). Even though injuries related to this nature are not frequently heard of, they practically inexistent at Sky Trek thanks to this automatic breaking system. 

The Sky Trek ziplining tour takes approximately 2 hours to complete the entire circuit which includes a ride on an aerial tram to reach the first platform, and 8 ziplining cables throughout the Sky Adventures Cloud Forest Park. 

Quick Summary:
• 10 lines of 100m (300ft) to 750m (2,460ft).
• Tram ride with fantastic views.
• Ziplining from platform to platform.
• Brake with pulley, not hands.
• Optional Tarzan swing.

The lack of walking, tram ride, and other factors make this a good choice for folks looking for a more natural, easy going adventure.

Sky Walk 

This is a more relaxed self-guided* tour that combines a beautiful trail system with hanging bridges, consisting of combination of a 1.5 mile (2.5 km) circuit trail and six hanging bridges, including the longest one in Costa Rica, which is 236-meter long (984 feet). On this walk, you will experience what it’s like to walk above the canopy of the trees, a privileged vantage point to oversee the Monteverde Cloud Forest. 

*You can upgrade this Sky Walk to a guided tour, though we typically don’t recommend it as the trail is well marked and easy to travel on your own. 

The 2.5 kilometer (1.5 mile) trail is maintained but does have some ascents and descents and thus does require a certain degree of hiking ability. Based on the easy to moderate difficulty of the trail and other offerings within the park, Sky Walk is a good choice for families. Folks who have some trouble getting around or walking might not be up for the walkway trail BUT they can take a very easy-going, scenic aerial tram tour instead (more on the tram in the next section of this page).

  • 6 bridges on a trail of 2.5 km (1.5 miles).
  • Longest bridge is 236 meters (774 feet).
  • One bridge is 70m (230ft) above the ground.
  • Some wildlife viewing opportunities.

Sky Tram

This is a 20-minute ride above the canopy of the trees on an aerial tram that leads to a coffee shop, a small trail and an observation tower. On this ride, you will enjoy the best views of the Monteverde area. Please note that Sky Tram is included by default when you purchase the Sky Trek ziplining tour, but you can also purchase tickets to it as a stand-alone activity. 

Additional Services

Sky Adventures Monteverde also offers an on-site restaurant, as well as the option to purchase your adventure’s footage (you cannot use your own GoPro).

Insurance is also included on the tours as well as the appropriate safety measures to ensure things go well.


We recommend that you get your tickets in advance to secure your spots and to skip the lines at the park.

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Hits The Bullseye! Sky Adventures Monteverde

Truly amazing! Zip lines up to a quarter of a mile long, and hanging bridges that literally place you within 20-30 feet of monkeys! Dennis, Jason, and Michael were just amazing! Dennis really knew where to look and was patient, knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful in getting the best photos possible! What an asset to the company! Everyone from the front desk to the tour guides were absolutely incredible.

– TripAdvisor
AMAZING Sky Adventures Monteverde

We did the nature walk. Our guide Andre was amazing. We learned so much about the different birds, insects, and animals in the forest. His excitement was contagious. We did the zip lining afterwards and I was able to see some of the birds we learned about from a closer distance. This was my first time zip lining, I screamed the entire team, but had SO MUCH FUN. Nothing compares to the view you’ll have while up there.

– TripAdvisor
Surreal Sky Adventures Monteverde

We never did zip-lining before this experience. While you may be a bit frightened on the first one or two of them, you'll be wanting more by the end of it. The staff were excellent and always there at the start and end of each line. They made us feel safe throughout. You might finish in two hours or less but you'll feel like you visited a whole other world. Sky Trek (ziplining) includes the ride on the Sky Tram (gondola).

– TripAdvisor
Awesome Experience Sky Adventures Monteverde

We did the Sky Trek, Tram and Walk tour that included the suspension bridges, sky tram and ziplines. It was fantastic! The views were amazing, all the guides were very friendly and knowledgeable and we went on a Monday morning so there weren't a lot of other visitors there. The food at the cafe was good too. I've been here each time I've visited Costa Rica and have never been disappointed. Would definitely come back again.

– TripAdvisor
Fantastic Experience! Sky Adventures Monteverde

Our whole family did the sky bridge and sky tram, and my stepson and I continued on with the sky trek (zip line), which was fantastic! The whole thing is really well run, with a safety-first vibe the entire way through. Their braking system is the best in the area, which was the reason we choose them, and the entire experience reflected the company's commitment to creating a great experience for their guests.

– TripAdvisor
Great Views, Awesome Hike Sky Adventures Monteverde

Out of all the parks to do hanging bridges, this one seemed to suit us best for what we wanted. There is a nice little café there where we grabbed a quick bite before the hike. Somewhat pricey but delicious food and convenient. There was plenty of secure parking as well. The hike was not challenging at all and the views were amazing. A nice mix of green and open space with some animals and wildlife to see (if you're lucky).

– TripAdvisor
Safe and Thrilling Sky Adventures Monteverde

While staying in the Monteverde cloud forest we decided to go on the sky trek, sky walk and zip lines with Sky Adventures. We are glad we did. We are in our 80's and were concerned about the safety and our ability to keep up with the others in the group, all of whom were 40 years younger. We needn't have worried. It was easy, safe and thrilling. The trek over the high suspension hanging bridges was very interesting.

– TripAdvisor
So Much Fun! Sky Adventures Monteverde

We did the zip lining with our family of four - two adults, two teenage boys. We had an absolute blast. The zip lines are very long and you go very fast - it is definitely a thrill - but they take safety very seriously and the equipment all seems top notch. Everyone was so kind and funny, it was a great day. Also, when you take the tram to the top, you are at the top of the continental divide. It was a clear day so we could see to both coasts.

– TripAdvisor

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