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100% Aventura Park Monteverde

About 100% Aventura

100% Aventura is one of the most popular adventure parks in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Situated in a reforested area, 100 Aventura has been offering zipline and hanging bridges tours since early 2010.

At 100% Aventura, the views are lovely, but the forest is secondary. Therefore, the scenery is a bit rustic. However, the location is the best for spotting some wildlife compared to other adventure parks in Monteverde. 

100% Aventura Zipline Tour

The 100% Aventura Zipline Tour is one of the most popular ziplining tours in Monteverde.  The tour includes 11 Ziplines, 2 of which are Superman Style*, including the Longest in Latin America 1,600 m (5,300 ft), a Rappel 10 m (32 ft), and a Tarzan Swing 45 m (147 ft).

*In a superman style zipline, your harness connects the back of your body to the zipline cable, so your body will be facing down as though you were flying like superman.

As mentioned before, the scenery at 100% Aventura is a bit rustic because the forest is secondary, but the ziplining experience course itself is extremely fun. Since this is a reforested area, the engineers who built the park had a lot flexibility on how to use the land because it was not full of trees as it typically is the case with primary forests, so they capitalized on this and managed to build a super fun and adventurous course (this is where the name of the park came from; “100% Aventura” referring to a tour that is 100% adventurous) which makes up for the lack of scenery offered by some of the other ziplining parks in the area.

Quick Summary:

  • Eleven ziplines
  • A hammock bridge.
  • Brake with gloved hands.
  • Optional, big Tarzan swing.
  • A hike before the final line.
  • Latin Americas Longest Zipline
  • Two lines can be done in Superman mode.

Given the adventurous and a bit more strenuous nature of this course, this tour is better for folks who are more physically fit and in search of a more thrilling zipline experience.

Prices start at $30 for local residents (all ages), $41 for non-resident kids (5 to 11 years old) and $50 for non-resident adults (12 and above). 

100% Aventura Hanging Bridges Tour 

The 100% Aventura Hanging Bridges tour includes a tour guide. Since the forest is not dense in this area, there is usually more opportunity to spot animals compared to the other parks with hanging bridges in Monteverde. We recommend this tour to those who want to learn about nature and spot some wildlife in addition to the experience of the hanging bridge.

However, we have to say that there are other parks with more impressive hanging bridges, such as Sky Adventures Monteverde and Selvatura Park. You will not get to see as much wildlife at those two parks as you will probably see in 100% Aventura, but the astonishing views are much better there, so it’s a matter of personal preference.

If you prefer the views, you will be much better served at the latter two, but on the other hand, if you choose to learn about nature and potentially spot more wildlife, then the 100% Aventura Hanging Bridges will serve you well.  

These hanging bridges are laced through the secondary forest, so they will not be as prominent as the forest in other parks like Selvatura Park or Sky Adventures Monteverde. However, this forest will give you a better chance to spot birds and other wildlife, which your tour guide will help you point out.

Animals tend to be more prominent in lower-level forests, known as secondary forests, and they especially gravitate towards rainforest, which is the kind of forest available at the 100% Aventura Hanging Bridges.

In conclusion, this will not be the best option if you are looking for the typical Monteverde Cloud Forest hanging bridges experience, but the way the tour is presented (with a bit more adventure and with a naturalist guide included to help you spot some wildlife) might compensate a bit for the lack of actual primary forest.

Additional Services at 100% Aventura

100 Aventura also offers an on-site restaurant, as well as the option to purchase your adventure’s footage (you cannot use your own GoPro). Insurance is also included on the tours as well as the appropriate safety measures to ensure things go well.

Reservations for 100% Aventura

Since COVID19 came to Costa Rica in early 2020, 100% Aventura stopped allowing walk-in customers who don’t have a reservation. Therefore, we recommend that you get your tickets in advance to secure your spots.

Book Now With Flexible 24-Hour Cancelation

What Customers Think About 100% Aventura

Best Experience Of My Life 100% Aventura Monteverde

It was by far the coolest thing I have ever done in my entire life. We were truly about the tree line and into low clouds from the mountains. The line that was about a mile (just under) was honestly incredible, no words can even describe it! I can't wait to bring my family.

– 100% Aventura Zipline Tour
Amazing Experience 100% Aventura Monteverde

Amazing experience, we saw a lot of diversity in flora and fauna, and specially we were able to observe two different types of Tucan, but all experience was amazing, the guide tour very professional, the tour it’s better with them because that way you learn more.

– 100% Aventura Hanging Bridges
Beautiful Experience 100% Aventura Monteverde

I went today with my mother, and we did all of the zip line including Superman and Tarzan. we had so much fun and felt very safe. the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The tour was so super fun even though I am usually afraid of heights.

– 100% Aventura Zipline Tour
Awesome 100% Aventura Monteverde

I won’t give away too much but the canopy tour is unreal. I was a bit reluctant to do zip lining as we aren’t those kind of tourists but this is a perfectly built facility, intertwined with nature. Amazing Adrenalin rush, big focus on safety and lovely guides.

– 100% Aventura Zipline Tour
Unforgettable! 100% Aventura Monteverde

Super fun! I tend to think ziplining is a little anticlimactic, but the superman zipline and the Tarzan swing are something I'll remember forever. The crew gave good instructions in the beginning, so you felt safe and knew exactly what to do.

– 100% Aventura Zipline