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Monteverde Extremo: The Most Extreme Adventure Park in Costa Rica

About Monteverde Extremo

Monteverde Extremo is an extreme adventure park that offers the top 3 most extreme activities in all Costa Rica: 

  • Extremo Ziplining Tour 
  • Extremo Bungee Jump
  • Extremo Mega Tarzan Swing

These 3 adventures set Monteverde Extremo apart from all other adventure parks in the country who offer similar experiences at a more moderate level. And for this reason, this park is not recommended for small children, and travelers with back problems, heart problems or other serious medical conditions. 

Extremo Ziplining Tour

The Extremo Ziplining Tour has a fantastic view and is an epic 4,330 meters (2.69 miles) in length (the longest ziplining course in the country) and includes 16 lines, two of which can be done in Superman mode.

One of the Superman lines is an exciting 1030 meters (3,380 feet) and the other actually goes through a tunnel for 190 meters (623 feet). Flying like Superman through a tunnel is impressive but it might be eclipsed by the 90 meter (295 foot) Tarzan swing that swings out 149 meters (490 feet) above the ground.

Please note that there is also quite a bit of hiking up stairs, so this is a zipline tour for the physically fit who are looking for the most extreme adrenaline rush.


Extremo Bungee Jump

The Extremo Bungee Jump features the most extreme jump in Costa Rica. You will enter an aerial tram that will take you to an impressive jumping platform located 500 feet above from the ground. From there you will receive the instructions and after you’re ready to go, you will jump off the highest bungee platform in the country. 

Please note that it is pretty windy and cold and you will probably go along a small group of people, and you will have to wait at the platform for your turn, so we recommend that you take warm (but flexible) clothes with you.

Extremo Mega Swing

The Extremo Mega Swing is the craziest Tarzan swing in Costa Rica

The swing is 295 feet long (89.9 meters)  and 470 feet high (143.3 meters) above the trees.

On this super swing, you are secured by two harnesses attached to the chest and waist, as well as to the helmet and carabiners to a rope of 50 meters which is tensed to achieve the swing effect of Swing.

Additional Services

Monteverde Extremo also offers an on-site restaurant, as well as the option to purchase your adventure’s footage (you cannot use your own GoPro).

Insurance is also included on the tours as well as the appropriate safety measures to ensure things go well.


We recommend that you get your tickets in advance to secure your spots and to skip the lines at the park.

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For Adrenaline Junkies Monteverde Extremo

Did the bungee and canopy tour. Both were great and very safe. The feeling of free fall is unlike any other! The canopy tour goes back and forth across the valley 4 times, twice Superman style. The Tarzan swing at the end is the cherry on top. Totally optional but if you’re not one to bungee, this is a great alternative.

– TripAdvisor
Terrifying, but FUN!! Monteverde Extremo

I am afraid of heights, but I thought this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for my husband and I. The guys who took us up to the jump-off point were very nice and safety-conscious. They count to five and you Jump!! It was a thrilling/terrifying experience, but I am proud of myself for jumping! It was overall a great experience.

– TripAdvisor
Amazing Experience Monteverde Extremo

This was one of the highlights of my trip to Costa Rica. The two guys that were with me Luis and Alfred were so supportive and nice, felt like part of a group. The experience was just amazing, even when the weather was not at is best (rainy, windy, cloudy). Would totally do the Tarzan again, quite an experience!

– TripAdvisor
Wonderful Time Monteverde Extremo

Make sure you bring a jacket when you go- it's so windy because you're up so high! I loved Kenneth and Lenny who were our guides for our first time bungee jumping! They made us feel very safe (seeing them check each of the hooks was very reassuring) and were super encouraging when you hesitate to jump :)

– TripAdvisor