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Monteverde Night Walk: Discover Monteverde's Wildlife at Night with a Local Guide.

Join our guided walks in search for animals

Choose Your Monteverde Night Walk

We offer three Monteverde Night Walks led by one of our professional, experienced, and certified wildlife tour guides in Monteverde, Costa Rica. If you’ve been to our website before and know which suits you best, you can use the Book Now button under each offering card to secure your spots. Otherwise, you can either click on the Learn More buttons to view each option in detail or keep reading to see how each Monteverde Night Walk compares so you can choose the one that suits you best!

Monteverde Night Walks

From $35

  • For Ages 10+
  • Most Popular Night Walk
  • 6 PM – 8 PM | 8 PM – 10 PM

The most popular 2-hour moderate-pace guided walk with a certified wildlife tour guide at Monteverde’s Rainforest wildlife refuge. It is recommended for teenagers and young adults looking to see the most extensive wildlife variety. 

From $26

  • For Ages 5+
  • Night Walk for Small Groups
  • Every Night from 6 PM to 8 PM

An exclusive, less touristy, 2-hour low-pace guided walk with a certified wildlife tour guide at a small nature preserve. It is recommended for tranquil individuals, families with young children, and anyone with a low fitness level.

From $25

  • For Ages 5+
  • Night Walk for Big Groups
  • 6 PM to 8 PM | 8 PM to 10 PM

An educational 2-hour guided walk with a local, certified wildlife tour guide at Monteverde’s most extensive nocturnal nature reserve. It is recommended for large parties of 10-50 travelers (such as tour groups and multiple families).

Why Do a Monteverde Night Walk?

Monteverde, nestled deep within the heart of Costa Rica’s enchanting cloud forests, is not merely a destination—it’s a nocturnal adventure waiting to unfold, a journey into a world where the line between magic and reality blurs under the moonlight. As the sun sets, Monteverde awakens to a different rhythm, where the mysteries of the night come alive with the sights and sounds of creatures that thrive in darkness.

Our Monteverde Night Walks offer a gateway into this mesmerizing nocturnal realm. Guided by the soft glow of flashlights and the expertise of local naturalists, you’ll traverse serene forest trails, uncovering the secrets hidden beneath the cloak of night. From the watchful eyes of tree frogs to the silent flight of owls, every step is a revelation, a chance to connect with nature’s lesser-seen wonders.

Embarking on a Monteverde Night Walk is more than just exploring the dark; it’s an invitation to experience the forest’s soul, feel its heartbeat, and embrace the quiet magic that exists when the world sleeps. It’s about surrendering to the allure of the unknown and allowing nature to guide, inspire, and transform you in ways you never imagined possible.

Monteverde Night Walk Guide

Your guide to deciding which Monteverde Night Walk to book!

We’ve crafted the following summary to help you pick the Monteverde Night Walk that’s best for you, whether you’re coming solo, with young children, or as part of a large group.

Monteverde Night Walks Comparison

1. Monteverde Rainforest Night Walk:

The best option for active young adults looking to see the widest variety of animals. 

Our Monteverde Rainforest Night Walk takes place in Monteverde’s best spot to see animals, the Monteverde Wildlife Refuge.

As such, this location is excellent for seeing the most extensive variety of animals in the area, from reptiles to mammals to insects and birds.

Our experienced tour guides spread across multiple trails and communicate with radios when they find animals so the other groups can see them.

Consequently, you must be in relatively good shape to move quickly between the trail system to see as many animals as possible.

For that reason, this night walk tour is recommended to solo travelers, couples, and small families with teenagers. On the contrary, it’s not recommended for tour groups, large families (more than eight people), and families with younger children or anyone with trouble walking fast on uneven terrain.

2. Don Rodolfo Night Walk:

The best option for tranquil individuals, families with young children, and anyone with a low fitness level. 

Our Don Rodolfo Night Walk is in a small, relatively flat nature reserve.

Groups are usually tiny (generally, four to six people), the walk is very light, and the trails are easy to follow. And even though the location is not as great as the former, you will still see animals without rushing or walking too much.

For that reason, this night walk tour is recommended to families with young kids, elders, and anyone with trouble walking long distances.

2. Santamaria Night Walk:

The best option for tour groups and large parties. 

Our Santamaria Night Walk takes place in Monteverde’s largest nocturnal nature reserve.

This place has many different trails, which can easily accommodate large tour groups and big-party families of ten or more people who want to go on a night walk together. In the case of large tour groups, we divide them into smaller sub-groups (usually eight to ten people), each sub-group led by one of our tour guides.

The group’s pace will determine the speed of the walk, and since these are usually large groups, it tends to be light and easy.

For that reason, this night walk tour is recommended to those large families who want to stick together, as well as travel companies who send large tour groups to visit Monteverde.

Photo of a wooden signpost reading 'Monteverde Night Walk' with an arrow pointing into a dark, inviting rainforest.
A Tour Guide and a tourist photographing a snake in a Monteverde Night Walk.

What Adventurers Say

Impressive Walk! Monteverde Rainforest Night Walk

Monteverde Rainforest Night Walk is an experience like no other! The magic of the cloud forest truly comes alive after sundown. Our guide's knowledge and passion illuminated the evening, making each creature sighting an educational marvel. From adorable tree frogs to impressive tarantulas.

– John Martinez
Expert Tour Guides! Monteverde Rainforest Night Walk

Words cannot express the magic I felt during the Monteverde Rainforest Night Walk. The cloud forest at night is a symphony of nature's wonders. Thanks to our expert guide, we spotted creatures I'd never heard of. This is not just a walk; it's an adventure into the heart of nature! You must do it!

– Megan Richardson
Magical Experience! Don Rodolfo Night Walk

A magical experience! The Don Rodolfo Night Walk allowed us to tap into the hidden wonders of the rainforest after dark. From the glowing eyes of spiders to the delicate chirping of tree frogs, each moment was a treat. The guides were also friendly, ensuring that we felt safe throughout.

– Hannah Lee
Excellent Tour! Santamaria Night Walk

I was initially hesitant about venturing into the forest at night, but the Santamaria Night Walk changed my perspective. Though we did encounter some light rain, the array of insects, amphibians, and sleeping birds made it all worthwhile. Bring a good flashlight and wear comfortable shoes!

– Carlos Rodriguez
Amazing Walk! Monteverde Rainforest Night Walk

The Monteverde Rainforest Night Walk was an enlightening experience! Our guide had incredible knowledge about the nocturnal animals we encountered. The sounds and sights of the forest at night come alive, and it's an entirely different world compared to what you might see during daytime.

– Sarah Thompson

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Dive deep into the mystique of Monteverde’s nocturnal wonders with our Night Walks. As twilight fades and darkness reigns, the cloud forests come alive with creatures of the night, each weaving their tale in the intricate tapestry of nature. Our seasoned guides, with their intimate knowledge of the forest’s secrets and night-vision aids, await to illuminate this hidden world, revealing creatures you’ve only dreamed of.

Don’t let this unique adventure slip through your fingers; book today and journey into the heart of the night! Book online now to ensure your expedition, or contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with your reservation.