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Experience The Most Extreme Park In Monteverde Costa Rica

About Extremo

Monteverde Extremo Park is the most extreme adventure park in Costa Rica. 

It offers 3 extreme adventures: 

  • Zip Line Tour 
  • Bungee Jump
  • Mega Tarzan Swing

The Monteverde Extremo Zipline Canopy Tour features 16 zip lines including a crazy superman-style zipline 1km long, as well as an underground (under a mountain) zipline, a tarzan swing and a rappel descend. 

The Monteverde Extremo Bungee Jump features the most extreme jump in Costa Rica, jumping off an aerial tram located 500 feet above from the ground. 

And the Monteverde Extremo Mega Tarzan Swing features the most extreme swing in Costa Rica, which is 295 feet long and 470 feet high. 

These 3 adventures set Monteverde Extremo Park apart from all other adventure parks in Costa Rica which offer similar experiences at a less extreme level. And for this reason, this park is not recommended for small children, as well as for travelers with back problem, heart problems or other serious medical conditions. 

If you are looking for to get the best adrenaline rush from an adventure park in Costa Rica, the Monteverde Extremo Park is for you. 

The park also offers an on-site restaurant, as well as the option to purchase your adventure’s footage (you cannot use your own GoPro). Insurance is also included on the tours as well as the appropriate safety measures to ensure things go well.

2021 Traveler Reviews

For adrenaline junkies and novices alike Monteverde Extremo Park

Did the bungee and canopy tour. Both were great and very safe. The feeling of free fall is unlike any other! The canopy tour goes back and forth across the valley 4 times, twice Superman style. The Tarzan swing at the end is the cherry on top. Totally optional but if you’re not one to bungee, this is a great alternative. The staff do a great job and take care of all the hooking you up to the cables. You don’t have to do a thing except lean back and cross your ankles. There is some fairly strenuous hiking involved. Wear good shoes and sunscreen.

– TripAdvisor, February 2021
Best experience ever! Monteverde Extremo Park

Really loved the bungee, I also paid there for the extreme Tarzan swing and it was incredible. Only one thing, they take a long time so plan a couple of hours there.

– TripAdvisor, April 2021
Awesome jumping experiences and great Staff Monteverde Extremo Park

Lenin and Dani were GREAT!! They keep me and my father full motivated and made us feel fully safe all the time.

– TripAdvisor, March 2021